Our list of the 15 best activities for couples in Reno, Nevada

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At one time, Reno, Nevada had the reputation of being the Divorce Capital of the World.  So with that in mind, you may not think of Reno in terms of romance.

But it’s time to change what you think about Reno because it can be a very romantic travel destination for couples.  I think you’ll be convinced once you check out the romantic excursions on this list.  We came up with fifteen incredibly romantic things for you and your partner to do while you are vacationing in Reno.

1. Downtown Pedicab Motorized Tour

Taking a pedicab tour of downtown Reno is a great way to see Reno’s wonderful downtown area.  But it also be quite romantic.  The intimate way you can sit side by side with your partner makes for a very romantic trip.  And a bonus for couples who are climate conscious: this is a zero-emission tour.

And it is a great tour, too.  You get to see the Reno Strip, Wingfield Park, and both the Reno Arches.  You also get to learn about the history of Reno, Nevada and the Truckee River from your knowledgable guide.

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Please note that this tour is not suitable for anyone in a wheelchair.

2. Midtown Mural Motorized Tour

The Midtown Mural Motorized Tour is also done on an environmentally-friendly pedicab.  So you can sit by your partner in an intimate way.  But in this tour, you get to see over thirty interesting murals around Reno.  These are murals located down the main drag and off the beaten path.

Please note this tour is not suitable for anyone with pre-existing medical conditions, heart problems, or high blood pressure.  It is also not recommended for anyone who is pregnant or anyone who is in a wheelchair.

Click here to book this tour.

3. Biggest Little Brewery Tour

Here is another pedicab tour that’s brought to you by Pineapple Pedicabs.  But this time you’ll be exploring breweries around Reno.  This is a great activity for the couple who is interested in craft beer.  You get to visit three different breweries – and get several beer samples at each brewery.  You also learn about the breweries from your knowledgeable guide.

This tour is also not recommended for pregnant guests or anyone with poor cardiovascular health.  It is also not for guests under the age of 21 years old.

Click here to book this tour.

4. Glider Ride

A really romantic way to see Reno is from up above.  And you can do that with a glider ride by High Sierra Pilots.  You can choose between a forty-five-minute flight over Carson Valley with a view of Lake Tahoe.  Or you can take a sixty-minute flight over Desolation Wilderness and Emerald Bay.

Please note that, unfortunately, 320 pounds is the maximum combined weight allowed for a two-person ride.

You can book this experience for up to 27% off by clicking here.

5. Horseback Riding Adventure from Reno

There’s something so romantic about imagining you and your partner horseback riding side by side.  And you can do just that with this Horseback Riding Adventure.  Your guide pairs you with a horse that matches your riding ability.  You then follow your guide on a ride that traces the trails of the Wild West.  You get amazing views of high desert plateaus and (depending on the time of year) snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada Range.

Round-trip transportation from Reno and snacks are even included in this package.  You can book the package here.

6. Glow in the Dark Paint Experience

Brainy Actz Glow in the Dark Paint Experience gives you the opportunity to spend time with your significant other while you both explore your artistic side.

During the session, participants can splatter-paint on canvas and anything else. The paints they give you even glow in the dark.  And you get to take their pictures home afterward, which is a nice souvenir of your time together.

Another added bonus of this experience?  You can currently get an experience for two at an 11% discount if you click here.

7. Dance Lessons

Dancing with your partner is such a romantic, intimate experience you can share with them.  And if you’ve ever wanted to learn ballroom dance with your partner, you can do just that in Reno.  Starlite Dance Center in Reno is currently offering 74% off a credit that you can use towards dance lessons.  Click here to take advantage of this great deal.

8. Adventurous Scavenger Hunt

A fun way to work together with your partner while learning about Reno would be the Adventurous Scavenger Hunt in Reno by 3Quest Challenge.  How it works is that you and your partner will use an app to find objects around the city.  You complete fun challenges for points.  You can see your score live on the app rankings.  There is a live remote host available to help you along the way.

Click here to book this scavenger hunt.

9. Snowshoeing Nordic from Reno

This is an activity that obviously you’ll need to do in the winter.  But it can make for a romantic time with your partner where you get active at the same time.  You and your partner will be able to experience some of the best back-country in Sierras on snowshoes.  It is a great hike where you can see breathtaking views and perhaps even wildlife.

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10. Biking Adventure

This is an activity, on the other hand, that may work better when the weather is warmer.  And that is a biking adventure out of Reno.  You get to ride terrain and more than thirty miles of scenic byways. You’ll ride through gorgeous outdoor scenery around Reno’s Truckee River and the Sierras.  It is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, connect with your partner, and get in some great exercise and scenery, too.

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11. Private Cooking Lesson

Another fun thing you can do with your partner is cook.  This is something you can do all the time with your partner.  But first, you might want some lessons.

Well, it just so happens that you can take a private gourmet cooking class with your partner at a local home with a host.  You and your partner can learn to make three gourmet dishes from scratch.  Click here to book this experience.

12. Bowling

Bowling can make for a great date night.  Click here to save 50% on bowling at The Arch Boutique Bar, Bites & Bowling.

13. Escape Room

An escape room can make a fun date night in Reno.  Like the scavenger hunt I mentioned earlier, you get to work together with your partner, which is always great when you are trying to reconnect.  You can click here to book the Brainy Actz Escape Room at a discounted price.

14. Roller Skating

Roller skating can make for another fun option for a date night.  Top Gun Skate Center in nearby Fallon, Nevada lets you roller skate in an indoor roller skating rink filled with music and special lighting, which is great to get you in the mood.

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15. Snow Tubing & Sledding Adventures

Here’s another activity that can be fun during a winter trip to Reno, Nevada.  Sledding and snow tubing are fun activities that you can enjoy with your partner.  If you book this snow tubing and sledding adventure, it even provides transportation from your Reno hotel for you.