How to save up to 50% on tickets to Underhill Haunted House in Portland Oregon

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Looking for that perfect Halloween experience this fall in Portland, Oregon?

Then check out Underhill Manor in Northeast Portland which offers something for everyone!

In fact, there are four different attractions you can enjoy.

Haunted Houses

Bloods Point Road

You’ve run out of gas on a deserted country road. Luckily, you see a distant shack that has a single light burning. The family living in the shack may seem friendly, but this encounter may turn out to be not so lucky!

Morbid Nightmares

Can you save the tortured patient? She’s stuck in her own mind and can’t escape her nightmares. Doctors have found a way that you can enter into her dreams through a portal… if you dare!

Underhill Manor

There’s some sort of ghost that is haunting the halls of Underhill Manor. Even Madam Underhill, normally unflappable, is quite spooked. Do you think you can survive your visit?

Kids Monster Fest

If you have children ages 12 and under, then this is the right experience for them.  There are a few scares and thrills but in a family-friendly kind of way.  It takes place during the day so it is less scary for them.


Looking for tickets to this great Halloween experience?  Then click here and you can purchase your tickets online.