Jet Ski Rental with Invert Sports in Utah (Up to 45% Off)

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Jet Ski Rental In Orem, Utah

Utah is a beautiful state that has many beautiful lakes.  And the perfect way to spend a hot summer day is zipping across the lake on a jet ski.  

Take your next water adventure on new jet skis from Invert Sports.  There are five different jet ski models to rent.

* 2020 Sea-Doo 130G77 Pro is the newest jet ski model.  It travels up to 55 mph and can tow almost any size person on any water toy.

* 2020 Yamaha GP 1800 Supercharged jet ski can travel up to 75 mph.

* Yamaha YX Deluxe jet ski has the Yamaha four-stroke engine 1100cc.  This is a compact, ultra-lightweight 110 hp machine with class-leading performance.

* Yamaha YXR & YXS model jet skis are some of the fastest and most powerful jet skis with a high output engines and 3 man capacity.

* Super Jet stand up from Yamaha is a new machine with old school riding.  If you love a challenge and getting air, this is the jet ski rental for you.

These jet skis are top of the line and Invert Sports also offers great quality service.

Jet skis are the easiest and quickest way to get out on the water.  Explore the lake like never before on the back of a jet ski.  Enjoy the feeling of zooming across the water with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair.


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