Auckland Adventure Jet. Built in the South Island, New Zealand by Kwikkraft powered by twin 300HP Volvo jet engines, making it the fastest jet boat ride in Waitemata Harbour.

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Thrilling Jet Boat Ride In Auckland, New Zealand

Adrenaline junkies this is the ride for you!  Auckland Adventure Jet goes 62 mph (kph).  Adventure addicts can get their thrills on the 35-minute “water coaster” ride around Waitemata Harbour.

In the Maori language, the word Waitemata means “obsidian glass” and describes the shimmery surface of the water in the harbour in Auckland.  The harbour is a scene of constant motion, being home to many yachts, recreational fishing vessels, freight ships and gorgeous cruise liners.  Auckland’s nickname is “City of Sails.”  Numerous islands dot the harbour.

Landmarks around the harbour include

  • Bean Rock Lighthouse
  • Sky Tower
  • Devonport
  • Harbour Bridge
  • Mission Bay
  • Hauraki Gulf
  • Volcanic Rangitoto Island
  • Kauri Point
  • Chelsea Sugar Refinery

More Information About Auckland Adventure Jet

Constructed in South Island, New Zealand, Auckland Adventure Jet is powered by V8 500 hp engines.  These engines have been turbocharged and supercharged.  It is the fastest jet boat ride in Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour.  The jet boat has been fitted with grandstand seats which give every passenger great views of Auckland’s majestic skyline.  These seats are shaped for comfort and safety, providing a low impact ride.

Your water adventure starts at the Ferry Terminal in Waitemata Harbour.  You will get a safety briefing and then hop on board.  Your ticket includes a life jacket and poncho.

Hold on tight as your boat’s captain performs exhilarating 360-degree spins and fishtails.  Whiz past landmarks as the jet boat swerves and curves around the harbour.  Enjoy harbour views from the unique vantage point of a speeding jet boat.  The captain maneuvers his supercharged vessel with amazing agility as you power through the water. 

You’ll stop briefly to take in the magical sights of the harbour and the shoreline and take photos.  And then you’ll be whisked back to shore.

So take this high speed, high-intensity thrilling jet boat ride…if you dare!


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