A review of the 'Tis the Season Beignets food & drink booth at SeaWorld Orlando theme park's Christmas Celebration event

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Recently I told you about all the delicious food and drink options available at SeaWorld Orlando’s Christmas Celebration event.  And after just getting back from Orlando, I can tell you that the drinks and food were as good as advertised!  My family really enjoyed them.  We had a lot of fun going from booth to booth trying out the different food and drink options.

But there is one booth in particular I wanted to talk about.  And that is ‘Tis The Season Beignets.  This booth immediately appealed to me because I love beignets.  And of all the beignets I’ve had, some of the best have been made at SeaWorld Orlando.  They would make the city of New Orleans proud with their beignets.  We really enjoy having them during SeaWorld’s Mardi Gras celebration.

But during the holiday season, their beignets get a holiday twist.  There are three different beignet options.  They give you four beignets with each purchase, which I think is a good amount.  So you can do what we did and buy more than one beignet option and let everyone in the family sample different ones.

So what did we like the best?  We’ll start with the one we liked best and work our way down.

Strawberries and Cream Beignets

A picture of the strawberries & cream beignets you can purchase at the Christmas Celebration at SeaWorld Orlando

This was the beignet that was the biggest hit with my family.  We all loved this one so much.  The blend of the Bavarian cream and strawberries was just perfect and they elevated the already great beignets even further.

Smores Beignets

A picture of the smores beignets available at SeaWorld Orlando's Christmas Celebration

My family also really loved the Smores Beignets.  They were so good, and the marshmallows especially elevated the beignets.  Adding marshmallows to beignets was one thing in life I didn’t know I needed until I had them – and now I want them again!

Oreo Beignets

SeaWorld Orlando Christmas Celebration Tis The Season Beignets Review: Find out what we thought of the oreo beignets as pictured here

Oreo Beignets were perhaps the beignets I was most excited about but I ended up liking them the least.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I still enjoyed them.  And maybe if I hadn’t tried the other beignets I’d be raving about them more.  But it was overall a bit uneven.  Some of the bites were delicious and great.  But other bites were a bit dry and just not as good as the other two beignet options.  If you don’t want to purchase all the beignets, then I recommend ordering one or both of the other two instead.

Other Food & Drinks

So while this kiosk is called “‘Tis the Season Beignets”, beignets are actually not the only food you can get there.  You can also get a Dulce De Leche Mini Cake with Caramel.

And there are drinks available here as well.  This includes a Christmas Cheers drink which includes Orange, Cranberry, Lime, and Hendrix Gin.  You can also get Greenbench Two Turbid Doves Hazy IPA or Windermere Brewing Cranberry Graham Cracker Sour Ale.

Where to Stay

So if these drinks sound good to you, as well as the other drinks available at the event, you are not going to want to drive to the event.  Plus, parking can get very expensive at SeaWorld if you don’t have free parking with an annual pass.

And so if you want to drink at the event and not bother with an Uber or hotel shuttle, you can consider staying at a hotel within walking distance.  That’s what we did with our last visit and it was really nice to have a nice relaxing dinner with beer and wine without having to get a designated driver.  Then we enjoyed a nice walk back to our hotel where we even got to stop and watch the fireworks along the way.

We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, and we talked about reasons we love this hotel here.  We also love Doubletree at SeaWorld Orlando and Renaissance at SeaWorld Orlando, and they’re both within walking distance, too.

How to Save Money

If you are looking to save money on your visit to SeaWorld and you want to eat delicious foods like the beignets, then the easiest way to save is with their Food & Drink Punch Card.  You may have noticed this card alongside the smores beignets in the picture we showed you earlier, but here is what it looks like in case you missed that.

A picture of a punch card that saves you money on food & drinks at SeaWorld Orlando's Christmas Celebration

How it works is that you purchase this one card and then you can keep purchasing food and drinks during your visit or visits to SeaWorld during the Christmas event.  They just punch a hole in your card rather than you having to buy each item.  Not only does this save money but it also saves you time and the hassle of getting out your credit card since you can wear the punch card with the lanyard they give you.

Another way you can currently save a lot of money on a visit to SeaWorld is with the Black Friday Sale they have going.  But you’ll have to hurry with this as this is obviously a limited-time sale.

If that sale is over by the time you read this, you can still find discounted tickets here.