Save money on family travel with cheap Disney Paris tickets

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Are you planning a family holiday in France where you visit Disneyland Paris & Walt Disney Studios theme parks and you want to save money on tickets?  Well, then, you’ve come to the right place, because we are always trying to help our readers save money on Disney holidays!  We recommend 7 ways you can get discounted tickets.  We suggest you check these out and find out for yourself which website can save you the most money!

So how do I get cheap tickets to Disneyland Paris?

1. Walt Disney Travel Company

You can get some good deals right from the source with the Walt Disney Travel Company.  You can get everything from discounted Disneyland Paris tickets to discounted hotel stays as well.

2. isango!

isango! is a great place to go if you want discounted admission to a number of attractions, and Disneyland Paris is no different.  They have a lot of great ticket options where you can get tickets up to 5% off.

3. Klook

Klook has great deals on Disney parks all over the world.  Disneyland Paris is no exception.  Click here to find some great prices for Disneyland Paris tickets.

4. Expedia

Expedia also offers discounted tickets to Disneyland Paris, from 1-day to 4-day ticket options.

5. Viator

Viator offers good prices, too.  Click here to get low prices on multi-day Disneyland Paris tickets. 

6. TripAdvisor

You can save money on tickets along with getting transportation to & from the park with various deals you can get through TripAdvisor.

7. Swagbucks

You can earn money through Swagbucks that you can then use to pay for Disneyland Paris tickets.  Now, obviously this is not exactly discounted Disneyland Paris tickets, but if it can help you save money on your tickets, which is sort of the point.  If you keep up with this, you’d be surprised how much money this can save you on Disney tickets!

How to save money on your dream Disney trip