The best Disney adult Halloween costumes

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Looking for an adult-sized Disney-themed Halloween costume?  Then check out our list of the 80 best Disney Halloween costumes for adults!  These costumes would be great to wear to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney World in Florida or the Oogie Boogie Bash at Disneyland in California.  Or they’d be great for any Halloween party!

  1. Bo Peep Costume
  2. Jack Skellington Prestige Adult Costume
  3. Princess Jasmine Costume
  4. Mr. Incredible Muscle Halloween Costume
  5. Toy Story Jessie Costume
  6. Maui Tattoo Halloween Costume
  7. The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Classic Costume
  8. Jafar Halloween Costume
  9. Frozen Elsa Prestige Adult Costume
  10. Mrs. Incredible Halloween Costume
  11. Captain Marvel Costume
  12. The Princess and the Frog Dr. Facilier Velvet Costume
  13. Jasmine Deluxe Adult Costume
  14. Toy Story Woody Costume
  15. Maleficent Black Christening Gown Costume
  16. Flynn Rider Costume
  17. Rapunzel Costume
  18. Tigger Onesie Adult Costume
  19. Winifred Sanderson Hocus Pocus Costume
  20. Beauty and The Beast Beast Prestige Costume
  21. Belle Blue Dress Adult Costume
  22. Beast Adult Costume
  23. Belle Costume Gown
  24. Genie from the live action Aladdin Costume
  25. Tinkerbell Fairy Adult Adult
  26. Peter Pan Classic Costume
  27. Finding Dory Costume
  28. Zipster Mickey Mouse One Piece Halloween Costume for Men
  29. Red Minnie Mouse Classic Costume
  30. Goofy Costume
  31. Queen of Hearts Deluxe Adult Costume
  32. Snow White Evil Queen Deluxe Costume
  33. Wreck-It-Ralph Deluxe Adult Costume
  34. Cinderella Costume
  35. Prince Charming Costume
  36. Mary Poppins Halloween Costume for Women
  37. Luke Skywalker A New Hope Deluxe Costume
  38. Star Wars A New Hope Deluxe Princess Leia Costume
  39. Hans Solo Costume
  40. Alice in Wonderland Costume
  41. Lion King Costume
  42. Black Panther Deluxe Shuri Costume
  43. Captain Jack Sparrow Deluxe Adult Costume
  44. Cruella De Vil Deluxe Adult Costume
  45. Finding Dory Nemo Costume
  46. Adult Mermaid Costume
  47. Prince Eric Deluxe Costume
  48. Peter Pan Wendy’s Dress Costume
  49. Buzz Lightyear Costume
  50. Classic Snow White Costume
  51. Captain Hook Halloween Costume
  52. Ursula Halloween Costume
  53. Captain America Costume Adult
  54. Sleeping Beauty Princess Halloween Costume
  55. Dalmatian Costume
  56. Moana Costume for Adults
  57. Frozen Zipster Olaf One-Piece Costume for Adults
  58. Women’s Pocahontas Deluxe Adult Costume
  59. Monsters University Mike Deluxe Costume
  60. Mulan Costume
  61. Hercules Costume
  62. Megara Women’s Costume
  63. Emperor’s New Groove Kronk Mens Costume
  64. Incredibles 2 Edna Mode Costume for Women
  65. Mr. Potato Head Halloween Costume Kit for Adults
  66. Merida Adult Costume
  67. Monsters Inc. Adult Sulley Costume
  68. Vanelope Deluxe Adult Costume
  69. Mad Hatter Costume
  70. Tiana Dress Embroidery Layered Costume Party Ball Gown
  71. Prince Naveen Costume
  72. Anna from Frozen Costume
  73. Frozen Kristoff Costume
  74. Rey Costume for Adults
  75. Beauty and The Beast Gaston Costume
  76. Fairy Godmother Costume
  77. Mary Poppins Men’s Chimney Sweep – Adult Costume
  78. Dubmo Costume – Women’s Style
  79. Aladdin Costume for Men
  80. Royal Jasmine Halloween Costume

By the way, if you want an idea of what Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is like, here is our video: