Disney's Beach Club guest room comparison: which is better, a one-bedroom villa or a studio villa?

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Here at Green Vacation Deals, we love vacations to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.  When we do, we love staying at the Beach Club.

It is a wonderful hotel option onsite at the Walt Disney World Resort, meaning the hotel has Disney World hotel perks.

The Beach Club not only has a nice, peaceful atmosphere with an upscale appeal.  But it is also within walking distance of both Epcot Center and Hollywood Studios theme parks!  We go over other reasons to stay at Disney’s Beach Club here.

There are multiple room options when you stay at the Beach Club.  My family really loves staying at the rooms at the Disney Vacation Club villa building that is part of the resort.

Disney's Beach Club has a separate wing for DVC villas like their studio villas and one-bedroom villas, which we compare in our blog entry.

Today, though, we are going to focus on the studio villa and one-bedroom villa options.  The studio villa is one room with a living area and bedroom area.

Beach Club at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando has a vacation villa building where the most affordable option is the studio villa, as pictured here.

The one-bedroom villa has a living room area/kitchen and a separate bedroom.

Save money on your dream Disney vacation

A picture of the kitchen & living room in a one-bedroom villa at Disney's Beach Club in Orlando, Florida

One-bedroom villas at Beach Club in Disney World have king beds whereas studio villas have queen beds

They are the most affordable options when staying at a Beach Club Villa.  In fact, they can be more affordable than staying in a standard room in the main Beach Club building, as long as you follow these steps when booking your room.  I’ve paid less for a one-bedroom villa that way than when I booked a room at the Beach Club through Disney’s website.

So if you are deciding between rather you want to book a studio villa or a one-bedroom villa, then keep reading.  We compare the two room options to help you pick the best one based on your needs and wants.  Some of these points you may have guessed.  Some may surprise you.


So this is one of those points that will not surprise you.  The one-bedroom villa is more expensive than the studio villa.

Winner: Studio Villa


This may also go without saying, but I will say it anyway: you have more privacy in a one-bedroom villa than a studio villa.  If this is a family vacation, you can put the kids in the den while you are in the bedroom.  If you have a partner, this is especially appealing.

Even if it is say just you and your partner on the trip and there are no kids, it is nice to be able to relax in the living room and then go to your bedroom when you are tired.  So having the separate bedroom has a lot of advantages.

Winner: One-Bedroom Villa

Number of Beds

So this part may surprise you.  But the studio villa surprisingly has more bed options than the one-bedroom villa.  The one-bedroom villa has a bed in the bedroom and a sleeper sofa.  But the studio villa has a bed and a sleeper sofa (albeit all in the same room).

But additionally, the studio villa has another bed option: a single pull-down bed.  It is not a very large bed (it probably won’t fit a tall adult).  But it works well for a child, and it is great if say you have three children.

The bed even has an adorable Donald Duck beach design.

The studio villas at Beach Club at Disney World actually have more bed options than the one-bedroom villas because of this pull-down bed option

And it fits in well with the rest of the room and doesn’t take up too much space.

Disney's Beach Club has studio villas that sleep up to five people.

So if you say are a party of five and are looking for enough beds, then the studio villa is the best choice.

Winner: Studio Villa

Bed Size

On the other hand, the bed at the one-bedroom villa is a king bed.  The bed in the studio villa is a queen bed.  If you like more space in your bed, then you will prefer the one-bedroom villa bed option.

Winner: One-Bedroom Villa


Now, both the studio and one-bedroom villa options technically both have kitchen options. but the studio villa has a kitchenette whereas the one-bedroom villa has a full kitchen.

With the studio, you get a few features like a microwave, toaster, and refrigerator.

Studio villas in the Beach Club at the Walt Disney World Resort have a kitchenette with a refrigerator and microwave as opposed to a full kitchen with a stove, oven, etc., like you would in a one-bedroom or two-bedroom villa.

But you get the full kitchen with the one-bedroom villa.  We’re talking stove, oven, etc.

The Beach Club at Disney World has one-bedroom villas with full kitchens with great features like an oven and stove so you can cook meals in your room and save money on dining.

So you could cook entire meals in your villa.

In addition to the equipment, there are enough tables and chairs for you to enjoy your meal.  There are a couple of chairs at the counter and bench seating with a table.

A picture of the kitchen and counter space with chairs at a one-bedroom villa at Disney's Beach Club in Orlando, Florida

Save money by sitting at one of the tables in the kitchen in a one-bedroom villa at the Beach Club at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Being able to cook meals in your room can save you a lot of money on your vacation.  In fact, it can really make up the difference between paying for a one-bedroom villa versus paying for a studio.  So you can get the privacy you want without going way over your travel budget.

Winner: One-Bedroom Villa


Another difference that may not be apparent when you book your room is the bathroom.  Both villa options do only have one bathroom.

But it is a split bathroom.  This means there is more than one sink.  One part of the bathroom has a sink and a bath tub.

One-bedroom villas at Disney's Beach Club in Orlando, FL have more bathroom space than studio villas.

A picture of the bath tub at Disney's Beach Club's one-bedroom villa.

The other has a sink, toilet, and shower.

Beach Club at the Walt Disney World Resort has one-bedroom villas with split bathrooms with more than one sink.

There is a shower in one part of the split bathroom at a one-bedroom villa at Disney World's Beach Club and a bath tub in the other part.

Disney's Beach Club's one-bedroom villa unfortunately only has one toilet unlike two-bedroom villas.

This makes for a better bathroom experience in terms of getting dressed at the beginning of the day.  And it is a great option if you like baths.

There is just one part of the studio villa for the bathroom.  The sink is separate from the bathroom.

I like how the sink area in the studio villas at the beach Club at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando have a separate sink from the bathroom so you can wash your hands even if someone is using the bathroom.

There is both a shower and a bath tub, but they are combined.

The Beach Club at Disney World in Orlando, Florida has a studio villa option which does not have as many bathrooms as a two-bedroom option.

So this is definitely something to keep in mind when picking out your villa.  While it isn’t two separate full bathrooms, you do get more with the one-bedroom.

And by the way, if having more than one bathroom is really important to you, then you might want to consider spending more and booking a two-bedroom villa.  But otherwise…

Winner: One-Bedroom Villa


When choosing between a one-bedroom villa and studio villa at Disney’s Beach Club, here are things to consider:

Studio Villa Advantages:

  • Cheaper nightly rate
  • More beds

One-Bedroom Villa Advantages:

  • More privacy
  • King bed versus queen bed
  • Full kitchen so you can save money on dining buy cooking meals in your room
  • Better bathroom options

Either one you choose, though, make sure you take these steps to book your room so you can save hundreds of dollars!