A picture from the balcony of a savanna view room at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is truly a unique hotel.  There is no other hotel at Disney World quite like it.  Now, like other Disney World hotels, the theming & attention to detail is great.  You’ll feel like you’re at an East African national-park lodge.

But how it differs from other Disney hotels is that there are amazing animals wandering outside the hotel!  And if you want to get a truly unique experience, then you can get a room with a Savanna view.  Rooms with a Savanna view have a balcony.  You can watch similar animals to what you see at the Kiliminjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom but from your window or balcony.

A few weeks ago, my family stayed at a Savanna view room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  And, like we love to do, we took a video to share with you guys so you can see for yourself what it’s like:

This video includes shots of the room and the animals we got to see from the balcony.  Now, since the animals are, you know, living creatures, Disney can’t guarantee how many animals you’ll see or which animals.  We stayed at a Savanna view room a couple years and had a completely different experience.  During that stay, we saw giraffes, which we did not see from our room this time.  But we saw other great animals.

The animals you see in the video include:

  • Zebras
  • Thomson’s gazelles
  • Ankole cattle
  • ostriches

I think my favorite animals would have to be Thomson’s gazelles.  When they start jumping in the air (which you’ll see in the video), it’s incredible!

Our room was a studio at Kidani Village.  Kidani Village is the Disney Vacation Club section of Animal Kingdom Lodge.  It has studio villas and multiple bedroom villas.  A big advantage of staying here over a standard guest room at Animal Kingdom Lodge is that it comes with a full kitchen, which you can see.  We brought food and were able to warm it up and eat it as we watched animals walking through the Savanna.  Not only did that mean we saved money, but what an experience!

Now you may be thinking you have to be a Disney’s Vacation Club member in order to get a room at Kidani Village.  But that’s actually not true.  You can book a stay through David’s Vacation Club Rentals.  We go over how to do that here:

The best thing about booking your stay this way is that you save hundreds and hundreds of dollars.  So if you think that staying in a Savanna view room would be too expensive for your family, it actually isn’t if you book through David’s.

Want to know more about the Kidani Village section of the Animal Kingdom Lodge?  See our Kidani Village comparison to the Jamba House (the main section of Animal Kingdom Lodge).  You can also see a video of the rest of Kidani Village here: