Travel guide for Shanghai Disneyland attraction Shipwreck Shore

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Shipwreck Shore is an interactive children’s playground at Shanghai Disneyland theme park. It’s located in Treasure Cove, attached to the Siren’s Revenge ship. (Siren’s Revenge is a gigantic three-story wrecked galleon that’s full of interactive experiences and photo opportunities.)

We’ll take a look at the backstory behind the Shipwreck Shore attraction. Also, we’ll go over the different activity zones and fun things to do in this kid’s play park. And if you’re currently planning to visit Shanghai Disneyland, you’ll definitely want to see how to get discounted park tickets!

The Story Behind Shipwreck Shore

Attractions in the Disney parks tend to have creative backstories, and Shipwreck Shore is no exception.

The legend is that two kids of early settlers found a shipwreck one day while exploring the beach. And not just any ship – it was the remnants of a French pirate galleon, La Belle France, with much of it still intact.

The children decided to turn the wrecked ship and the surrounding area into their own pirate playground. They kept coming back and adding on more games and fun things to do. And as a result, they created the entertaining play destination that is Shipwreck Shore today.

Activity Zones at Shipwreck Shore

The play park is divided up into a number of different fun zones with various activities. And water is a big part of these activities. In fact, you might want to bring a change of clothes for your kids – or for you! – if you plan to spend time at Shipwreck Shore.

The Observation Deck

If you’re a parent looking for a shaded area to relax, then the Observation Deck is for you!

And if you’re a parent with a mischievous streak, the Observation Deck is also for you. You can squirt water at your kids with remotely activated water jets hidden in the tide pool below.

Other “weapons” include three skull heads that shoot streams of water. There is also a water blaster that fires “cannonballs” into the lagoon, complete with smoke and sound effects.

The Ship’s Bow

Children can ring the ship’s bell or hoist flags to send messages. They can also fire a water cannon at lighthouse, battlements, or any Explorer Canoes that pass by. (The Explorer Canoes are another ride at Shanghai Disneyland, on which guests can paddle from Treasure Cove to Adventure Isle.)

Ship’s Stern

Young guests can pretend to be Captain at the ship’s wheel, or raise and lower a French pirate flag. There are also spyglasses and a slide that goes through the ship’s interior.

The Shipwreck

This is the ideal place for kids to create pretend pirate adventures.

The Tide Pools

Here, you’ll find colored glass mosaics of starfish, shells, sea urchin, shellfish and sea squirts. And you can interact with these sea creatures, in that they may spit water when you touch them!

The Toddler Area

Small children can explore this “mist garden” (filled with gently rolling fog). They’ll find water bells and carved stone sea creatures, like turtles and starfish.

Water Wonders

You can find these magical elements throughout Shipwreck Shore. They include an enchanted harp created from streaming “liquid strings” that children can play, as well as a magical fountain that comes from a mysterious ring-shaped stone.

When to Visit

Shipwreck Shore is fun at any time of day. If you’re a fan of the theming, you might want to stop by at night – the area has a different, spooky look when it’s dark.

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