Heigh Ho Sundae at Storybook Treats consists of Chocolate Soft-serve topped with Chocolate Rocks, Graham Cracker Pieces, Whipped Cream, and Hot Fudge

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The Magic Kingdom theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort is one of my favorite places in the world.  But if I had one complaint about it, it would have to be how hot it is.  Because let’s face it.  Orlando, Florida can get very hot.

But one way to combat the heat is with some great ice cream.  And ice cream is very delicious, isn’t it?

So that’s why I am so thankful for Storybook Treats!

In case you haven’t been before, Storybook Treats is a quick-service dining establishment at Magic Kingdom.  It is conveniently located in Fantasyland.  Storybook Treats is located in between The Friar’s Nook and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.  It is right across from the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel.

Even though it is a quick-service restaurant, they do not have mobile ordering.  But when I was there last time the line wasn’t too long, and it was a busy day (a couple of days after New Year’s Day).

It is not a restaurant with indoor seating.  There are actually no seats right in front of it, but you can try to find a table in front of the Friar Nook.  That’s what we did the last time we ate here.  In the past when I’ve eaten here, I’ve also carried my treats over to right in front of the castle when I was waiting for a parade (back when they had them).

Storybook Treats Menu Review

So what kind of ice cream can you get here?  You can get more standard ice cream offerings.  For example, you can get a Strawberry Sundae that consists of Vanilla Soft-serve & Strawberry Topping or a Hot Fudge Sundae with Vanilla Soft-Serve & Hot Fudge.

But my favorite offerings are the ones themed to classic Disney stories (hence the name, Storybook Treats).  For example, in the past, one of my favorite offerings was the Peter Pan Float.

Storybook Treats at Magic Kingdom always offers creative desserts based on popular Disney stories like this Peter Pan Float

It consists of DOLE Whip Lime Soft-serve, Sprite, and a Chocolate Feather.  Disney’s website still lists it as a menu item at Storybook Treats, but when I was there last week it was not on the menu.  But it’s not uncommon for this restaurant to switch up what they are offering.  And part of the fun is seeing what new treats they offer!

One of the new themed offerings is the Snow White Cone.  It’s a combination of DOLE Whip Lemon, Blue Cone, Chocolate Bird, and a Sugar Bow.  Perfect for Snow White, right?

Heigh-Ho Sundae

But my favorite new menu item would have to be the Heigh-Ho Sundae!

Heigh Ho Sundae at Storybook Treats consists of Chocolate Soft-serve topped with Chocolate Rocks, Graham Cracker Pieces, Whipped Cream, and Hot Fudge

Heigh-Ho Sundae! is a delicious ice cream dessert menu item at Storybook Treats at Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort

Cool off from the heat at Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort by eating a Heigh-Ho Sundae or other delicious sundaes or Dole Whip desserts at the Magic Kingdom

It consists of Chocolate Soft-serve ice cream topped with Chocolate Rocks, Hot Fudge, Graham Cracker Pieces, and Whipped Cream.

One thing I love about this dessert is of course the taste.  Because the taste is the most important part, right?  And it was absolutely delicious.  All the tastes blended together perfectly.  The fudge was my favorite part.

But another thing I like about this dessert is the theming.  As you may have guessed, the Heigh-Ho Sundae is themed to the very popular Disney classic movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  And this dessert totally captured the movie.  It really captures the mine the dwarves work in.  The chocolate rocks were an especially nice touch.  And I thought they might be too hard to eat but they weren’t.

I am a big fan of shows like Holiday Baking Championship and Cake Wars on Food Network where bakers make desserts themed to specific characters and stories.  I love it when they create desserts that fit a perfect theme – and look delicious, too.  And while I (unfortunately) can’t eat those desserts, I could eat this dessert, and it was delicious.  So if you visit the Magic Kingdom and they are still offering it, I highly recommend it.


If you want to cool off at Magic Kingdom and you love ice cream, then definitely get one of the delicious treats at Storybook Treats.  They are not only delicious but are really neatly themed to beloved Disney stories and characters.  They constantly change up their offerings, but it’s always exciting to see what new desserts they offer and what the new theming is.  So when you visit Magic Kingdom on a hot day, definitely stop by Storybook Treats.

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