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Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort has held a special place in my heart ever since I first stayed there as a child.  As a kid, I thought it was neat how the resort was divided into different Caribbean islands: Jamaica, Aruba, Barbados, Martinique, and Trinidad.  I still think it’s neat as an adult (perhaps even more so now!).

It was always a great hotel to stay at during a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.  But in 2019, the Caribbean Beach Resort got even better with the addition of the Skyliner (more on that later).  Now it is an even better pick for a Disney hotel.

So I am sure you’d love to stay there.  But before you do, read our tips.  They can not only make your stay at the Caribbean Beach Resort better.  But they can also save you a lot of money!

Tip #1: Book Your Room At A Discount

Now, this may sound obvious; of course, you want to book your room at a discounted rate.  So the question is, how do you get that discounted rate?

Well, I have had success booking my room here.  The discounts they offer have been even better than my annual pass discount on Disney’s website.

Tip #2: Use the Skyliner

A review of Disney World's Skyliner Opening Day. What my family liked & didn't like

This is probably obvious, since they may be the reason you want to stay at Caribbean in the first place.  But the Skyliner really is a wonderful way to get to the parks.  It’s a lot more pleasant than Disney World bus transportation.  And they are always loading people in the Skyliner on a continual basis (sort of like a Disney ride) rather than scheduled times so you don’t have to worry about missing a bus like you do with the bus system (in other words, no running up in despair as you see the bus pull off!).  You can read more about how the Skyliner works in our Skyliner Review.

There is a Skyliner Station right at the Caribbean Beach Resort, and it is actually the main Skyliner station.  You can board a gondola for either Epcot or Hollywood Studios right from that Skyliner Station.

Depending on where you are staying in the Caribbean Beach Resort, though, you might want to consider using the Riviera’s Skyliners.  For example, if you are staying in the Martinique or Aruba sections, it might be easier for you to walk to the Riviera Resort’s Skyliner.  That will take you directly to Epcot.  It will also take you to the Caribbean Skyliner Station, where you can then board a gondola for Hollywood Studios.

So I would say in addition to just using the Skyliner Station, try using the Station closest to where you are staying if you want to save yourself some walking.

Tip #3: Enjoy One of Their Pools

Weather permitting, swimming at one of the pools at the Caribbean Beach Resort is a lot of fun.

It all starts with the main pool, the Fuentes del Morro Pool.  This colonial Spanish fortress-themed pool is spectacular.

A picture of the Fuentes del Morro pool at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida.

The Fuentes del Morro pool is the main pool at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida.

It is a zero entry pool with two water slides.  The main water slide is even 102 feet long.  On hot days, you’ll enjoy the water cannons spraying water on you.  There’s also a kids play area by the pool for the youngest guests (under 48″) with mini slides.

A picture of the kids play area at the Fuentes Del Morro pool at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida

There’s also a spa pool and a nearby Banana Cabana pool bar.

A picture of the spa at the pool at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida

And swimming and relaxing aren’t the only thing you can enjoy at this pool.  They have themed pool parties.  There are trivia and games during the day.  It’s just a lot of fun.

But that’s not the only pool there is.  There are a total of five leisure pools.  The advantage of the main pool is that it has all the activities and the water slides and water cannons.  But it is the loudest.  So if you want a less crowded, quieter swim, choose one of the hotel’s other pools.

A picture of one of the quieter pools at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida

A picture of a quiet pool at the Caribbean Beach hotel at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida

Also an advantage of swimming in a different pool is that it can be closer to your room.

Tip #4: Get a Refillable Mug

One thing I’ve done to save money on my Disney trips is take advantage of the refillable mugs at Disney resorts.  It saves you money, especially if you have a long trip.

You can purchase the mug at the beginning of the trip.  That will cost you money upfront but then you can keep using it during your whole trip.  You can use it for sodas at Caribbean’s food court, Centertown Market.

A picture of the refillable mugs at Centertown Market at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida

There’s also a refillable station right by the main pool.

A picture of a refillable drink station at Caribbean Beach Resort at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

But you can also use it for coffee during your trip.  Last time I went to Disney World, my dad was on the fence about buying one but once he saw how much it saved him with his morning coffee and drinks during the day, he admitted it was a great purchase.

It will especially save you money if you eat meals at the hotel.  Which I am about to discuss.

Tip #5: Dine at the Hotel

There are a lot of restaurants at the resort you can take advantage of, especially since this will save you money if you use a refillable mug.

They have a great food court in Centertown Market.

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort has a great quick service food court called Centertown Market

A picture of the inside of Centertown Market at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

You can sit down for a meal for dinner, lunch, or breakfast.  There are also grab-and-go options if you are in a hurry.

And by the way, if you are in a hurry, then I recommend ordering a pizza for your whole family.  You can get a large cheese or pepperoni pizza that you can share with your family, which saves you a lot of money (and you can use your refillable mug during the meal, saving you even more money).  The pizza is really good, too.

Disney's All Star Sports Resort has affordable lunch & dinner options like this family-sized pizza you can get at the End Zone Food Court

Another great choice for a casual dining option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner is the Spyglass Grill.  You’ll find it in the Trinidad pool area.  They serve food like chopped jerk chicken salad, Caribbean tacos with mojo pork or black beans, etc.  And you’ll enjoy this food on a patio overlooking Barefoot Bay.

A picture of Spyglass Grill in the Trinidad section of the Caribbean Beach Resort at Disney World

There’s also a great sit-down restaurant serving Caribbean food called Sebastian’s Bistro that’s right on the water.

Sebastian's Bistro is a fine dining restaurant at the Walt Disney World Resort at Caribbean Beach hotel.

Sebastian's Bistro is a nice, sit-down restaurant at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida

This is a nice restaurant – though like with all nice restaurants, please note that does come with a price tag.  In this case, $38 for adults and $20 for children (though is it weird to say I think that’s not that expensive for Disney World?  Or has Disney conditioned me to no longer think things are too expensive?  I suppose that is a thought for another time!).

And then finally, there’s Banana Cabana, the poolside bar I referenced before.

A picture of Banana Cabana a poolside bar at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida

They serve lots of great drinks like their signature Island Time Seasonal Margarita, Jamaican Frozen Runner, sangria, beer, and more.  Plus there’s food, too, like burgers, coconut shrimp, and chicken wings.

Tip #6: Enjoy Dining at Riviera

Enter Disney Vacation Club - Beautiful Tomorrows Sweepstakes for a free Walt Disney World Resort trip at the Riviera hotel

Disney's Riviera Resort in Orlando, Florida has a lot of great dining options like Le Petit Cafe, Bar Riva, Toppolino's Terrace & Primo Piatto

While Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort does have good dining options, if you are on a long trip you might quickly get through them.  But guess what?  You are within walking distance of another Disney hotel with great dining, and that is the Riviera Resort!

Disney’s Riviera Resort has a great mix of dining options, too.  This includes fine dining, quick service, and even a character breakfast.  You can find out more in our Riviera Resort Dining Guide.

And as I alluded to earlier, you can use your refillable mug here.

Tip #7: Enjoy Other Resort Activities

Swimming isn’t the only fun thing you can do at the resort.

For example, did you know the resort offers guided fishing excursions?  It’s one of the Disney hotels where you can fish.

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort is one of the Disney World hotels you can fish at

But that’s not all.  Another fun activity they have at the resort is Movie Under The Stars.  It takes place (weather permitting) nightly at 8:00 PM on the Caribbean Cay Island lawn next to the playground.

There is also a campfire at Martinique Beach offered nightly (again, weather permitting) from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

You can also enjoy beach volleyball.

You can enjoy beach volleyball while you are staying at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida

Basically, there are a lot of fun things to do when you’re not in the pool or at the parks.  Take advantage!

Tip #8: Take Time To Relax

Disney World vacations can often feel jampacked.  But if you are staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort, you have a great opportunity to just relax.  So take time out to just relax.  Take a walk around the resort; it has a very relaxing atmosphere.  Or perhaps take some time to relax in a beach chair or on a hammock.

Relax on a beach chair on the beach area of Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida

I love how you can relax on a hammock in the sand at the Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

So make sure you take time out of your vacation to relax and take in the atmosphere!  You deserve a break!

Tip #9: Buy Discounted Disney World Tickets

I’ve talked throughout this blog entry about ways to save money.  And if you are visiting Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, there is a very good chance that you’ll want to visit Disney’s theme parks.

But theme park tickets are not included in the cost of your hotel, so you will need to purchase them.  Tickets can be quite expensive, but luckily, you won’t have to pay full price.  Not if you take advantage of some discounts you can get on Disney World tickets as outlined here.

Tip #10: Come Prepared

Disney World tickets may not be the only thing you’ll need for your trip.  There are a lot of other things you’ll need you may not realize until you get there.

For example, Disney World gets very hot, and you may want to protect your skin and your family’s skin with sunblock.  But if you wait to buy your sunblock until you are at Disney World, you will pay more money.

Find out how to save money on sunblock and other essential items in our what-to-buy before Disney World guide.