A picture of a Disney's Polynesian Resort lamp. How to buy this lamp & other Disney themed lamps

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Are you looking for a lamp?  What about a Disney themed lamp?  We came up with our list of the best Disney themed lamps.  They are themed to Disney characters, movies, and shows.  They are even themed to Disney parks.  You’ll see lamps on this list you’ll see at Disney World and Disneyland parks and hotels.  So whether or not you want a lamp for your bedroom, a kid’s bedroom, a baby’s nursery, living room, etc., we have you covered.

  1. Polynesian Village Resort Tiki Lamp Maui God Trader Sam’s Grog Gotto
  2. Mickey Mouse Lamp with Spinning Animation Base and Silhouette Shade
  3. Star Wars Yoda Bronze – Colored Resin Lamp with Quote on Lamp Shade
  4. Frozen Elsa Table Lamp, 1.0 CT
  5. Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Lamp
  6. Jungle Cruise Loading Dock Table Lamp
  7. Baby Forever Pooh Lamp with Shade & Bulb
  8. Snow White & Dopey with Friends Table Lamp
  9. Vintage Mickey Silly Symphony Table Lamp
  10. Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp with Illuminated Lightsabers and Steve Anderson Art
  11. Crystal Arcade Main Street USA Table Lamp
  12. Toy Story 4 2 in 1 Lamp
  13. The Little Mermaid & the Sea Table Lamp
  14. Disney Evil Villains (Evil Queen, Ursula, Cruella, Maleficent, etc.) Shade with Black Lamp Base
  15. Beauty and The Beast Rose, Enchanted Red Silk Rose Lamp with 2 Mode LED Fairy String Lights
  16. Lilo & Stitch Lamp
  17. Lambs & Ivy Lion King Adventure Lamp with Shade & Bulb, Blue
  18. Star Wars he Mandalorian Child Holding Cup Table Lamp
  19. Stylized Alien Pizza Planet Badge Table Lamp
  20. Lambs & Ivy Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Lamp with Shade & Bulb
  21. Descendants | Uma | Trouble is Here Table Lamp
  22. Saratoga Springs Resort Room Lamp
  23. Pirates of The Caribbean Jack Sparrow Lamp with Kraken
  24. Moana Lamp with Chrome Finish Shade
  25. Frozen 2 Bruni the Fire Spirit Table Lamp
  26. Disney Princess Castle Cinderella Snow White Belle Aurora Table Lamp
  27. Finding Dory Fish Bowl Lamp
  28. Cinderella And Her Glass Shoe Table Lamp
  29. Star Wars BB8 Table Lamp, Black, 20″
  30. Tangled Lantern Lamp
  31. Princess Jasmine with Feathers & Flowers Table Lamp
  32. JS Mickey Mouse Lamp with Shade
  33. Mulan Riding Black Wind Framed Watercolor Table Lamp
  34. Cruella – Long Live Evil Table Lamp
  35. Idea Nuova Nightmare Before Christmas Double Shade Table Lamp, Grey
  36. Frozen Die Cut Table Lamp (Elsa, Anna, Olaf)
  37. Toy Story Jessie “Cowgirl At Heart” Table Lamp
  38. Cars Indoor Portable 10 Inch Kids Table Lamp with Shade, Red
  39. Princess and the Frog Lamp
  40. Thumper, Flower, & Bambi Stacked During Play Table Lamp
  41. Onward Barley & Ian – Let the Quest Begin Table Lamp
  42. Lambs & Ivy Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Celestial Lamp with Shade & Bulb, Pink
  43. Mary Poppins & Friends Striped Pattern Table Lamp
  44. Kingdom Hearts | Royal Magician Donald Duck Table Lamp
  45. Disney Princess Rapunzel and Merida Table Lamp
  46. Marvel Avengers Stick Lamp, Blue
  47. Mickey Mouse Inspired Icon Theme Lamp Post Globe
  48. Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Lamp
  49. Aristocats | Marie Paris Pattern Table Lamp
  50. KNG Disney Fairies: Tinkerbell Animated Lamp
  51. Zootopia | Judy & Nick Running Silhouette Table Lamp
  52. Pocahontas & Family Lamp
  53. Pooh, Eeyore & Tigger |Looking up at the Sky Table
  54. Star Wars Stormtrooper Battery Operated Bedroom LED Table Lamp
  55. Darling Little Dumbo & Timothy Table Lamp
  56. Seance Room Haunted Mansion Table Lamp
  57. Aurora – Sleeping Beauty Table Lamp
  58. The Muppets Oversized Pattern Table Lamp
  59. Frozen Elsa & Anna Sisters Forever Pink Table Lamp
  60. Sensational 6 (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy & Pluto) Table Lamp
  61. Rapunzel, Flynn Rider & Pascal Lamp
  62. Tomorrowland: Visit The Future Today Table Lamp
  63. Bo Peep Table Lamp with Sheep- Toy Story 4
  64. Mickey Mouse Head Stick Lamp
  65. Alice in Wonderland Evil Queen Lamp
  66. Inside Out So Many Feelings Table Lamp
  67. Elena & Isabel | Sister Time Table Lamp
  68. Incredible 2 Stick Lamp, Black
  69. Jungle Book Tarzan Table Desk Accent Lamp
  70. Mickey Mouse Club Ears Table Lamp
  71. Ralph Breaks the Internet #LongHairProblems Rapunzel & Vanellope Table Lamp
  72. Scrooge McDuck Find Your Fortune Table Lamp
  73. Disney Moana Stick Lamp, Aqua
  74. Lion King Kids Room Lighting Stick Lamp
  75. Coco Colorful Character Tree Table Lamp
  76. Baymax | San Fransokyo – Big Hero 6 Table Lamp
  77. The Good Dinosaur Spot And Arlo On Rock Table Lamp
  78. Frozen 2 Stick Table Lamp Featuring Anna & Elsa
  79. Cars Lightning Mcqueen Table Lamp
  80. Aladdin | Always One Jump Ahead Table Lamp
  81. Tiana – I am a Princess Table Lamp
  82. Mickey Mouse Shape Handstand light Table Lamp Figure Blue Tokyo Disney Resort
  83. Mulan and Mushu Table Lamp
  84. Star Wars Darth Vader Battery Operated Bedroom LED Table Lamp
  85. Vampirina | Super Sweet Purple Pattern Table Lamp
  86. Minnie Mouse, Hollywood’s Leading Lady Table Lamp
  87. Splash Mountain Table Lamp
  88. Descendants 3 | Mal & Audrey – Make Your Move Table Lamp
  89. Toy Story 4 | Woody & Forky Walking Together Table Lamp
  90. Disney Princesses (Ariel, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Tiana & Belle) Fearless Is Fierce Table Lamp
  91. Marvel Spiderman Stick Lamp, Red
  92. Jack Skellington | Master of Fright Table Lamp
  93. Beauty And The Beast Mrs. Potts And Chip Table Lamp
  94. Doc McStuffins On Alert Table Lamp
  95. Peter Pan And Captain Hook Table Lamp
  96. JS Disney Winnie The Pooh Lamp with Shade
  97. 101 Dalmatians Lamp
  98. Pete’s Dragon | Protector of the Wild Table Lamp
  99. Launchpad McQuack Table Lamp
  100. Mickey Mouse 2 in 1 Night Lamp