Best Star Wars Easter baskets great for kids who love the movies

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Do you have a huge Star Wars fan in your life?  Well, this Easter, surprise them with a Star Wars Easter Basket!  This list is full of baskets you can fill up with treats and some baskets that are already full!  You can even put in the basket a message that your family is going to Disney World or Disneyland to see the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge!

Here’s a video of Star War’s Galaxy Edge in Disney World by the way:

And now here’s our list of the best Star Wars Easter baskets.  You’ll find a lot of great deals on this list, too!

  1. Star Wars Characters (Rey, Kylo Ren, Finn, etc.) Jumbo Pails
  2. Baby Yoda The Mandalorian Where I Go He Goes Tin Basket
  3. Personalized Darth Vader Easter Basket
  4. BB8 Personalized Crocheted Easter Basket
  5. Star Wars A New Hope Pail
  6. Grogu Plus Baby Yoda Easter Basket with Handle
  7. Darth Vader Bucket
  8. Handmade Star Wars Mandalorian Fabric Easter Basket
  9. Clone Wars Pail
  10. Mandalorian Pre-filled Easter Basket with Toys, Candy & Activities
  11. Easter Mix Lot 5 Items Star Wars Tattoos 9″ Basket Plastic Grass & Eggs Dye
  12. Baby Yoda The Child Grogu Kids Gift Basket
  13. Darth Vader Easter Basket for Preschoolers with Star Wars Coloring Book, C3P0 Pen, Darth Vader Tote Bag & More
  14. Happy Easter Mandalorian The Child Premade Easter Basket
  15. Easter Basket Bundle with Star Wars Theme
  16. Star Wars Mandalorian Easter Basket with Star Wars Toys & Mandalorian Jelly Beans
  17. Storm Trooper Star Wars Easter Basket for Kids
  18. Anakin Yoda Easter Basket
  19. Star Wars The Mandalorian Easter Basket for Girls
  20. Baby Yoda Grogu Prefilled Easter Basket with Star Wars Hoodie, Mandalorian Tote Bag & More
  21. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Fabric Basket
  22. Baby Yoda Easter Egg Basket
  23. Star Wars Bundle Perfect for Easter
  24. Plastic Yoda Easter Basket
  25. Star Wars Easter Basket for Boys
  26. Handmade Star Wars Quilted Basket
  27. Easter Star Wars Toys Basket
  28. Star Wars Easter Bag
  29. Star Wars Handmade Easter Bag with Rebels, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, R2-D2 & More
  30. Neon Star Wars Easter Basket