Best Disney Christmas Minnie & Mickey Ears

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I am so excited about my upcoming trip to Walt Disney World.  I can’t wait for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  So I am getting my best Christmas Disney gear ready.  And when you think Disney fashion, you got to think about Mickey Mouse ears, right?

If you, too, are headed to Disney World or Disneyland this holiday season, then I know you want some seasonal Mickey ears!  So check out our list of the 80 best!

  1. Minnie Light-Up Ornament Holiday Headband Ears Christmas Disney Parks (Genie, Bambi, Thumper, Peter Pan, Cheshire Cat, Simba, Pinocchio)
  2. Disney Parks 2023 Christmas Mickey & Minnie Mouse Ear Headband Loungefly
  3. Star Wars Holiday Ear Headband for Adults
  4. Very Merry Christmas Ears
  5. Snowflake Christmas Mickey Ears
  6. Candy Cane Minnie Ears
  7. Disney Loungefly Mickey Mouse – Snowman Headband Disney Loungefly Mickey Mouse - Snowman Headband
  8. When Jack Met Sally Ears
  9. Mickey & Minnie Scenes Christmas Ears
  10. Holiday Stitch Ears
  11. Disney Christmas Minnie Mickey Snowman Winter Holiday Headband Ears 2023
  12. Disney Park Blue Elsa Mickey Crystal Minnie Mouse Ears Snowflake Headband
  13. Snowflake Mouse Ears
  14. Star Wars Battleships Christmas Mickey Ears
  15. Red Velvet Christmas Minnie or Mickey Ears
  16. Winter Fair Isle Nordic Mouse Ears
  17. Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Ears Disney Parks Exclusive "Nightmare Before Christmas" Sally Ears Headband
  18. Champagne Snowball Christmas Minnie Ears
  19. Peppermint Swirl Christmas Ears
  20. Olaf Minnie Ears
  21. Holiday Gingerbread Ears
  22. Chip & Dale Light Up Christmas Ears
  23. Green Sequin Mouse Ears with Holiday Lights
  24. Minnie Mouse Fuzzy Holiday Ears Disney Parks Minnie Mouse Fuzzy Holiday Ears Headband
  25. Reindeer Minnie Inspired Mouse Ears
  26. Santa & Elf Christmas Mouse Ears
  27. Christmas Minnie Ears
  28. Green Sequin Minnie Ears with Red Sequin Bow
  29. Christmas Tree Minnie Ears
  30. Green Mickey and Minnie Ears with Red Sequin Bow
  31. Mommy & Me Christmas Ears
  32. Christmas Disney Minnie Ears with Minnie Ears Bow
  33. Rustic Christmas Mickey Ears
  34. Christmas Lights Mouse Ears
  35. Nightmare Before Christmas Mickey Ears
  36. Mickey and Friends Inspired Ears
  37. Hidden Mickey Ugly Sweater Ears
  38. Holiday Ears with Santa Minnie & Castle
  39. Mousefetti Holiday Ears
  40. Mickey & Minnie Ears with Antlers GREATLILDEAL Minnie Mouse Inspired Mickey's Ears Christmas Sparkly Ears Headband
  41. Very Merry Christmas Wreath Mouse Ears
  42. Sequin Multi-Color Christmas Ears
  43. Vintage Christmas Minnie Ears
  44. Nightmare Before Christmas Minnie Ears with Red Sequin Bow
  45. Peppermint Swirls Double Sided Bow Ears
  46. Elsa Snowflake Inspired Mouse Ears
  47. Sparkly Christmas Tree Mickey Ears
  48. Winter Wonderland Light Up Minnie Ears
  49. Holly Leaves Mouse Ears
  50. Mickey And Minnie Ears with Pluto
  51. Plaid Christmas Mickey Ears
  52. Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Light Up Ears Disney Parks Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Light Up Ear
  53. Red and Green Bow Christmas Mickey Ears
  54. Snowflake Ears with Mickey in Santa Hat
  55. Fancy Christmas Mickey Ears with Gold Snowflakes
  56. Happy Holidays Mouse Ears with Santa Hat
  57. Christmas Tree Lights Ears
  58. Polka Dot Christmas Mickey Ears
  59. Personalized Red & Green Christmas Ears
  60. Jack Skellington Christmas Ears
  61. Holiday Light Up Minnie Ears
  62. Christmas Sweater Minnie Ears with Gold Bow
  63. Poinsettia & Plaid Mickey Ears
  64. 2 in 1 Christmas Minnie Ears
  65. Luxury Gingerbread Christmas Minnie Ears
  66. Christmas Minnie Mouse Ears with Castle & Tree
  67. Holiday Romantic Minnie & Mickey Mouse Ears
  68. Holiday Lightup Ears
  69. Santa Mouse Ears
  70. Flamingo Christmas Minnie Ears
  71. Winter Snowflake Mouse Ears with Silver Bow
  72. Christmas Elf Festive Minnie Ears
  73. Christmas Pom Pom Mouse Ears
  74. Black Christmas Lights Mickey Ears
  75. Flower Christmas Inspired Ears
  76. Christmas Minnie Ears with Red Sequin Bow & Reindeer
  77. Frozen Olaf Minnie Mouse Ears
  78. Jack the Pumpkin King and Sally The Nightmare Before Christmas Mickey Ears
  79. Mickey and Minnie Christmas Shopping Ears
  80. Holiday Felt Flower Mickey Ears

And to get you even more excited, here’s Disney World’s Christmas parade from this year!