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If you love all things terrifying, Hell’s Dungeon is where you should be this Halloween season.  Travel through the circles of hell’s darkest dungeon and wind your way through a disorienting trail of horrors.

Rufus is the devil in Hell’s Dungeon and he’s lured the world’s darkest creatures to be in his domain.  He’s created a sinister mockery of Main Street USA.  The streets there run red with blood.  You’ll need to use your wits to get through this.

Next up will be the swamps, Mambo Marie and the Fernwood Clan, a family of sadistic, hungry cannibals.  Try to escape being a snack.

If you survive the Clan and the swamps, your next challenge will be the Maniacal Asylum.  Check in with Nurse Hatchet when you arrive and she’ll do her best to keep you from checking out.  

You’ll have to get through JB Rotten and his freak show on your way to the Big Top for the strangest show you’ve ever seen.  Beware of the Killer Clowns.

If you survive the creepy circus of horrors, you’ll come up against Haywire with his advanced instruments of torture.

A long and perilous journey is ahead of you.  Be prepared to face your deepest fears because they’ll all be in Hell’s Dungeon!

This will be a trail of sheer terror.  The dungeon will be full of dark corners, roaming freaks and horrifying creatures.  And the freaks and creatures will be watching and waiting for their chance to get you on this terrifying journey.  Can you survive?

Just remember this – everything is real in hell.

A mix of scare tactics will be thrown at you.  The dungeon targets a variety of fears with clowns, snakes, rats, spiders, cannibals and more.  You’ll encounter many costumed actors determined to scare you.


Hell’s Dungeon has won numerous awards, including

  • The Haunt Awards 2022 for Craziest Killer Clowns
  • The Ohio Haunters Association Outstanding Performance Award to Nurse Hatchet
  • The 2021 Best Themed Attraction Hell’s Dungeon from Ohio Valley Haunts


I’m sure you’d like to save some money on this great attraction.  Book your ticket here and you can save $9 (35% discount) on each ticket.  This will run through November 4, 2023.