Coupon, promo code for Mill of Madness in Phoenix, Arizona

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It’s here!  The terror is unleashed!  Be prepared for the ultimate adrenaline rush!

Mill of Madness has come to Phoenix and once you’ve stepped into its world you will never be the same.

We’re going to tell you about this haunted attraction and then we’ll tell you about how you can save money on it.

Mill of Madness is an interactive horror adventure that will run until October 31, 2023.  Halloween is coming.  Do you want to live dangerously and have some thrills and chills?  If your answer is yes, then you need to go to Mill of Madness.  If you miss it, you’ll be missing a ton of fun.

Mill of Madness was designed by filmmakers who are in the horror genre.  This haunt incorporates a theatrical approach.  The guests become active participants in the story.

An abandoned warehouse has been transformed into a disorienting world inhabited by ghosts, ghouls, unsettling creatures and monsters.  The actors are committed to making sure their guests enjoy a truly unforgettable adventure.

The Mill of Madness takes place in an abandoned mill in darkness with nightmarish apparitions.  As you travel through the maze, you’ll feel moments of unease that grow as you continue.  The lines between illusion and reality will blur, immersing you in a spine chilling experience.  This is not the usual or ordinary haunted attraction, it’s an interactive journey.

You’ll confront frightening scenarios and make critical decisions with very real consequences.  Your heart will race as you’re forced to confront your fears.  Can you escape the clutches of the mill’s evil creatures?  Or will you go to the abyss of your deepest fears?  Enter the Mill of Madness’ world of nightmares and fun and find out.  


Now it’s time for us to tell you how you can save money on Mill of Madness.  Book your ticket here and you can save $5.99 (24% discount) on every ticket.  The savings is automatic and you won’t have to use a discount code or promo code.