A picture of the beds in a guest room at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Historic District

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It’s not often you stay at a hotel and when you come back, everyone is talking about staying at the hotel again.  But such was the case during our trip to Williamsburg last week.  This was because we stayed at the Best Western Williamsburg Historic District.

We’ve visited Williamsburg many times but have never stayed at Best Western Williamsburg Historic District before.  But we were sure glad we did.  Staying at this hotel had a lot of perks.  I want to go over some of them, as well as some negatives.  I will also tell you how you can find the cheapest rate for this hotel.


First of all, let me start off by mentioning the reason I chose this hotel, and that was for price.  I got an extremely good deal for this hotel.  I feel like I haven’t gotten a rate that good since pre-pandemic days (but I’m not sure any deal I got back then was this good).

Check out the low prices for yourself here.  Spoiler alert: you will like what you see.  Because for all the things you get with staying here (which I am about to tell you about), this is an amazing price.


Now, as I mentioned, I originally picked this hotel due to the price.  But I actually think its location may be the best thing it has going for it.

I thought it would be close to Colonial Williamsburg, but I didn’t realize what a short walk it is.  I mean, you are literally right across the street from the horses!

You can see horses across the street from Best Western Williamsburg Historic District

It made it really convenient for visiting Colonial Williamsburg.  Since we had Colonial Williamsburg passes, we could take the bus at the Capitol bus stop and go anywhere in Colonial Williamsburg.  By the way, we tell you about how to get discount tickets to Colonial Williamsburg here.

In addition to being close to Colonial Wiliamsburg, it was also convenient for visiting Busch Gardens.  Now, I don’t know about walking there, but it was a pretty straight shoot driving.  Oh, and by the way, you can find out how to get discount tickets to Busch Gardens here.

It’s also very close to a number of restaurants, such as a two-minute drive from Capitol Pancake House.  This is a restaurant we’ve reviewed before.  They serve lunch and breakfast and a lot of great lunch items in addition to great breakfast items.  And really, you won’t need breakfast there since the hotel has a free breakfast (more on that later).

Another restaurant that’s a pretty straight shoot and just five minutes from the hotel we went to was the Sportsman’s Grille.  It’s a great sports bar/family restaurant; we reviewed the restaurant here.

Andif you want a really convenient restaurant to the hotel, then you can go to Taqueria Maria Bonita Bar & Grill.  It is literally attached to the hotel and accessible via the lobby!

A picture of Taqueria Maria Bonita Bar & Grill on York Street in Williamsburg, VA


Having a hotel that close is Colonial Williamsburg is great, but unfortunately, some of the hotels near it are not accessible.  They are in older buildings without an elevator.

So I really like that this is not the case with Best Western Williamsburg Historic District.  They added on a section to the back of the hotel and it has an elevator.

Now, because the elevator is in the back section, it is a bit of a walk from the front of the lobby to the elevator.  But that is a minor inconvenience compared to staying at a hotel without an elevator!

You could also enter the hotel through the door at the back of the hotel (and park your car there as well).  The back door even has a covered walkway.

A picture of the outside of Best Western Williamsburg Historic District, a great hotel within walking distance of Colonial Williamsburg

Free Breakfast

So you know how before I mentioned this was a great decision moneywise?  Adding to that is that Best Western Williamsburg Historic District has a wonderful continental breakfast!

They have a wonderful place to eat breakfast.  You actually first go into the Mexican restaurant.  You turn left and then it is the second door on the right.

The breakfast area has plenty of tables and even a fireplace (which wasn’t in use when we were there since the weather was so warm).  There were also televisions on during breakfast for entertainment.

A picture of the seating area of the breakfast room of Best Western Williamsburg Historic District

A picture of the breakfast area at Then, on top of that, the food was great!  They had a great selection of foods.

Best Western Williamsburg Historic District has a continental breakfast with lots of food like the bagels and cereal pictured here

A picture of toast, orange juice, coffee, sausage & eggs you can get at the free breakfast at Best Western Williamsburg Historic District

One thing I liked about it is that there were waffles without a waffle maker.  This was nice because when I’m on vacation I don’t always feel like preparing breakfast, you know?  But there were fresh waffles one day.  The next day, they had fresh pancakes, which were delicious.

A picture of the pancakes I had at the continental breakfast at Best Western Williamsburg Historic District

I have never actually had that good of pancakes at a free breakfast before, and I’ve had a lot of free breakfasts.  Which I loved, since I love pancakes!

Guest Rooms

Sometimes when you stay in a hotel in a historic district, the hotels will try to pack as many hotel rooms as possible into the good location so you end up with a small room.  But that wasn’t the case here.  The room was a good size.  And our room for four had two queen size beds rather than two double beds, which I really like.

A picture of the beds in a guest room at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Historic District

I liked the TV size, too.

I liked the television size in the guest rooms at Best Western Williamsburg Historic District

It wasn’t the largest television I’ve had in a guest room, but it sure wasn’t the smallest (I had one where I was watching a basketball game, and I really couldn’t tell what was going on the players looked so small!).

If they did scrimp on space, it would definitely have to be the bathroom.  The bathrooms were a bit small.  It wasn’t something that spoiled my vacation, but it is something to note.

The hotel had other good features that I like having in a guest room, such as a microwave a refrigerator, and a coffee maker.  There was also a desk with a chair as well as another chair you could relax in after a day in Williamsburg.  There was a decent (but not overly large) closet as well.

A picture of a guest room at Best Western Williamsburg Historic District. We liked how the room had a lot of extra features like a microwave and coffee maker as pictured here.

A picture of a bed and chair in a guest room at Best Western Williamsburg Historic District

A picture of a guest room and closet at Best Western Williamsburg Historic District

It was an attractive room as well.  It has more of a classic look rather than a modern hotel room, which I think fits the Historic District well, don’t you think?

Other Amenities

So one thing I was excited about when I booked this hotel was the indoor pool.  An indoor pool is a great addition to a hotel because it makes your vacation more weatherproof.  Even it is raining or so unbearably hot you don’t want to be outside, you can have fun at the indoor pool.

Unfortunately, the hot water wasn’t working when we were there so we couldn’t do it.  Hopefully that is fixed when you stay there.  It really is a beautiful indoor pool.

A picture of the indoor pool at Best Western Williamsburg Historic District in Virginia

The indoor pool is large enough you could swim laps in it, which can be great exercise.  Of course, for exercise, you could also try out the fitness center.

A picture of exercise equipment the fitness center at Best Western Williamsburg Historic District

They have a good-sized exercise room so if you want to keep up your daily exercise regimen, you can.


Best Western Williamsburg Historic District is a wonderful hotel if you are staying in Williamsburg, Virginia, and one my family would happily stay at again.  It has so many great features:

  • Affordable price
  • Walking distance of Colonial Williamsburg
  • Has an elevator
  • Free breakfast with large selection
  • Nice-sized guest rooms with queen beds
  • Indoor pool
  • and more!

Just make sure you book your stay here to get the best price!