I love the motorcycle pictures in the guest rooms at Clarion Inn Ormond Beach at Destination Daytona

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When my family stays at a hotel we like, we love to tell you about it.  So today I would love to talk about Clarion Inn Ormond Beach At Destination Daytona.  This Florida hotel is one my family has stayed in multiple times.  It has a lot of things we like about it, which I want to discuss.  But I will also discuss what we don’t like about it.  So let’s dive right in!

Things We Love About Clarion Inn Ormond Beach


Honestly, the main draw of this hotel is how affordable it is.  It is one of the least expensive hotels I’ve stayed in in Florida.  But as I keep telling you about other things this hotel has to offer, you’ll see that even though you get to pay a cheap price you’ll still get a lot with your hotel stay.

But I am not kidding about the affordable price.  You can see for yourself how inexpensive this hotel is here.


But another great thing about this hotel is the location.  It is located right in Teddy Morse’s Destination Daytona.  This is great for motorcycle lovers, as you are right at Teddy Morse’s Daytona Harley-Davidson so you can enjoy visiting their 109,000 square fot showroom.  You can also enjoy savings at Teddy Morse’s Harley-Davidson Outlet Store.

But it’s more than just that.  There are other specialty stores, including J&P Cycles, Daytona Cycle Audio, and Destination 4x4s & More for truck lovers.  Other stores include Ormond Cigar Company and Divine Leather.

In addition to specialty stores, there are also a number of restaurants in Teddy Morse’s Destination Daytona.  My family really likes Houligan’s.  They have really delicious food and a lot of TVs if you like sports.

A picture of a Patty Melt and mashed potatoes we ordered at Houligans, a Florida restaurant

Other restaurants include Saints & Sinners Pub, Open Road Cafe, and Colt’s Pig Stand.  And if you want to save more money, there’s also an Arby’s right there.

In adddition to this, the complex also is home to a 35,000 square foot open-air Pavilion that hosts major concerts, events, exhibits, and expos.  So if you are attending something held there, this hotel is the perfect location.

This hotel is a good location too for other points of interest in the Daytona Beach area.  If you are attending something at the Ocean Center Convention Center, you are just twelve miles away.  You’re thirteen miles away from Daytona Speedway.  You are close to Ormond Beach.

And finally, the hotel is very convenient off Interstate.  It’s a little over an hour away from Orlando, so the last time we visited my family stayed here at the end of an Orlando trip.  It gave us a leg up on getting home but we were still able to spend a good part of the day at Disney World.


So you know how I mentioned before how affordable it is?  Well, it is even more of a steal when you take into account the free breakfast!  Free breakfasts are always a great way to save money since food has gotten so expensive.  So even if the continental breakfast was underwhelming it would make your trip less expensive.

But this isn’t an underwhelming free breakfast; in fact, it was the opposite.  This was a free breakfast offering plenty of food.  And good food, too.  They had some of the best eggs I’ve gotten at a free breakfast.  The bacon was good, too.  They have a waffle maker and individually wrapped items like muffins and Danish (the Danish especially was good).  There are also bagels and yogurt.  So you can get a good meal.

Clarion Inn Ormond Beach at Destination Daytona has a great free breakfast for guests with lots of hot and cold food options

I also liked the location of the breakfast.  It is located on the third floor of the main building (more on the main building aspect later).  This makes for great views while you enjoy your breakfast.  And there is plenty of seating.

Clarion Inn Ormond Beach at Destination Daytona has a great free breakfast on their third floor

The service was also really good at breakfast, too.  The employee there was incredibly nice and helpful, and you rarely see that these days in free breakfasts.

Guest Rooms

I also really like the guest rooms here.

A picture of a guest room at Clarion Inn Ormond Beach at Destination Daytona

First of all, I love that they have queen beds rather than double beds like you normally might find at hotels with this price point.  The beds were very comfortable, too.

But in addition to this, I like the way the way the rooms are decorated.  I love the pictures of motorcycles and the motorcycle theming.

I love the motorcycle pictures in the guest rooms at Clarion Inn Ormond Beach at Destination Daytona

I also liked the furniture and the overall look and feel of the room.  The rooms and bathroom are also fairly spacious.


And speaking of theming, I like the motorcycle theming throughout the hotel.  Really fits a hotel in Destination Daytona.

I love the motorcycle pictures up in the hotel at Clarion Inn Ormond Beach at Destination Daytona

I love the fun motorcycle theme of Clarion Inn Ormond Beach Destination Daytona, a great budget hotel my family likes

What We Didn’t Love About Clarion Inn Ormond Beach

The Other Building

So you know how I mentioned the main building earlier in this blog entry?  Well, that’s where I had always stayed before.

Clarion Inn Ormond Beach at Destination Daytona has a main building with rooms opening to the interior.

But this last time, I was put in an additional building.  I had not realized that was even an option.  You have to leave the main building, drive behind the building, and across a parking lot to get there.  I don’t think this adjacent building is very convenient to the main building where you can get breakfast.  Now luckily I was just there a night so it wasn’t a big deal.  But if I had stayed longer, I wouldn’t have loved either walking across the parking lot or driving over to breakfast.

Although, on the plus side, you are closer to the shops.

Clarion Inn Ormond Beach at Destination Daytona is so large it has multiple buildings

Also, the rooms open up to exterior motel-style in the adjacent building unlike in the main building.  This isn’t a huge deal but was not what I was picturing.  I generally prefer doors that open to the interior of the building for safety reasons, though I must say I did like that you had to use a key to use the elevator or the stairwell.  So there was that.

I like that the second building of the Clarion Inn Ormond Beach at Destination Daytona has a elevator you can only use with key access

So overall I would still stay here for the main building.  But this was something I did not like as much and thought you should be aware of before you visit.

The TV

The cable did not work on our TV the last time we stayed here, which I did not like at all, needless to say.  It was March Madness and there were games I wanted to watch.  Luckily I was able to connect my Chromebook with an HDMI cable so I was able to watch the games anyway (definitely recommend you purchase an HDMI cable and bring it on trips if there are games or shows you want to watch on your vacation).  Perhaps if I had called the front desk I could have had to it fixed but I didn’t feel like dealing with it.  And again, while it worked out fine enough for me, I thought it was something you should know.

Other Amenities

I did not take advantage of these amenities, but there are other amenities guests can take advantage of when staying here.  They have a fitness center with plenty of equipment like a treadmill, exercise bike, stability ball, weights, etc.

A picture of stability balls and other exercise equipment at the fitness center in the Clarion Inn Ormond Beach at Destination Daytona

A picture of a treadmill and other exercise equipment in the fitness center at Clarion Inn Ormond Beach at Destination Daytona

A picture of the fitness room at the Clarion Inn Ormond Beach at Destination Daytona in Florida

They also have an outdoor pool.

A picture of the pool at Clarion Inn Ormond Beach at Destination Daytona


Clarion Inn Ormond Beach at Destination Daytona is a hotel my family recommends if you are looking for an incredibly affordable hotel with a lot to offer.  In addition to the cheap price, you get a great free breakfast, a good location among stores and restaurants, neat motorcycle theming, a pool, a fitness center, and more.  While there are three buildings and there are drawbacks to not staying in the main building, I still feel overall it is a great choice for a place to stay.

You can start booking a room at Clarion Inn Ormond Beach at Destination Daytona here.