Guest rooms at Comfort Suites Golden Isles Gateway in Brunswick, GA are not full suites but do have both beds and a living room area with a couch

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Are you planning a trip to the Golden Isles of Georgia?  Then consider staying at the Comfort Suites Golden Isles Gateway!

It is a great choice for a hotel to stay in if you want to enjoy these beautiful islands and beaches, but you want to save a little money rather than staying on the islands.

My family just got back from a trip here, and we really enjoyed it.  After we left, my family kept telling me they really liked the hotel.  And that is always a sign of a good hotel.

So today I want to tell you the positives and negatives of my stay here.  And keep reading, because I’ll tell you how to get the best rates for this hotel!


One note I would like to make before I continue with this blog entry is the hotel is about to go through refurbishments.  One of the employees told me this was supposed to happen earlier but COVID-19 delayed it.  The refurbishments will probably make the hotel look more up to date.

But personally, I like the hotel the way it is.  And before the refurbishments are done, you can take advantage of cheaper rates.


So why did my family like our stay so much?  A big reason was the hotel rooms.

The rooms are incredibly spacious.  There is so much room for all your luggage.

I love the setup of the room.  I would not consider it a full suite as there are not completely separate rooms.

But it does have a partial wall between the bedroom area and the living room area.

Guest rooms at Comfort Suites Golden Isles Gateway in Brunswick, GA are not full suites but do have both beds and a living room area with a couch

I love how spacious the rooms are at Comfort Suites Golden Isles Gateway in Brunswick, Georgia

Comfort Suites Golden Isles Gateway in Georgia, Brunswick has guest rooms with living rooms complete with a comfy sofa

Guest rooms at Comfort Suites Golden Isles Gateway in Brunswick have queen beds which my family liked

And this does create the effect of having a suite in that you can relax in the living room area and then go to bed.

The room has one TV.

Comfort Suites Golden Isles Gateway has a TV that rotates so you can watch it no matter where you are int he room

But you can rotate the TV depending on where you sit, which I like.  So if say you are on the bed that is closest to the living room, someone else is at the desk, and someone is on the sofa, you can all watch TV together.

I like that my room had queen beds.  They were spacious and comfortable.  Really helped me get some good sleep here.

The bathroom is fairly spacious, too.

I also like the desk area.  I really like how many outlets they have on the desk.

All the outlets and desk area make it easy to do work while vacationing in the Golden Isles of Georgia at Comfort Suites in Brunswick, GA

It makes it easy to charge your phone.  There are also plenty of outlets throughout the room.

I really love the location of the hotel.  It is within walking distance of a restaurant my family really liked, Harris Steak & Seafood (see our review of the restaurant here).

Harris Steak & Seafood is within walking distance of a number of hotels and is connected to Holiday Inn Brunswick

It is really convenient if you drive there since it is right off I-95.  And of course, it is also convenient if you are visiting the Golden Isles of Georgia.

It is also a great choice for a hotel to stay in on the way to Orlando.  I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, and this hotel is a good midway point between there and the hotel.  It’s really nice to be able to break up the drive, sleep in a comfortable bed, and then drive a few hours the next day to finally get to Florida.

I also really love the price.  You can get it for a very reasonable price, and much cheaper than a hotel on, say,  Jekyll Island or St. Simon’s Island.  But you can easily get to the beach from this hotel.

They offer a free breakfast, too.  It is not a super extensive free breakfast.  They do have a waffle maker plus cereal, yogurt, fruit, and muffins.  They also have coffee and juice.

Comfort Suites Golden Isles Gateway in Brunswick, Georgia has a great free breakfast including waffles

Comfort Suites Golden Isles Gateway in Georgia offers guests a continental breakfast serving cold items like pastries, cereal, and fruit

The breakfast area also has a lot of chairs and tables, which I appreciate since some hotel breakfasts don’t have areas large enough to fit all the guests.

Comfort Suites in Brunswick, Georgia has ample room for breakfast for their guests

I liked the lobby, too.  There are plenty of chairs both in the lobby area, too.

Comfort Suites in Brunswick, Georgia off I-95 has a big comfortable spacious lobby

They had great St. Patrick’s Day decorations up when I was there.

Comfort Suites Golden Isles Gateway in Brunswick, GA has great holiday decorations like these St. Patrick's Day decorations on display in the lobby

The service was really good, too.  The employees who work here I met are extremely nice and friendly.


While I was pleased with the breakfast, especially since it is free, I must warn you not to expect a hugely extensive buffet.  There is no fresh food.  If you are expecting fresh eggs and bacon, you will be disappointed.  But for me, I thought it was a great free breakfast.

The hotel advertises a fitness room and an indoor pool.  But both of those features are still closed.  The signs state it is because of COVID-19, but I know other hotels that at least still have their fitness center going.  Maybe after the refurbishments, these features will be back.

But for me, it didn’t really ruin the vacation for you.  But if, say, the indoor pool feature is why you’re leaning towards this hotel, this is something should you do know.

One thing I actually did not like about the rooms is that I didn’t like how close the beds were to the wall.  It made it a bit hard to get out of bed and say go to the bathroom at night.

But once again, none of these negative points were enough to really influence my feelings on this hotel.  I was really glad we had stayed there.

Hotel Savings

Looking to save money on a stay at Comfort Suites Golden Isles Gateway?

The best way to save money at Comfort Suites is to book directly through their website here.  You can take advantage of a lot of discounts available there, such as senior rates, AAA rates, or military rates.  You can also save money by booking your hotel ahead of time.

Choice Hotels also has a good dealing going where if you book two separate qualifying stays, you can earn a $50 gas card.

And you can earn Choice Rewards Points that could get a free stay at a Choice hotel later.

So you can stay at Comfort Suites Golden Isles Gateway in Brunswick, Georgia at a really good reasonable rate.  And then use that extra money on other activities or dining during your Golden Isles vacation!