I love how the guest rooms at Courtyard in St. Augustine, Florida off I-95 had plenty of room for our luggage

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Are you looking for a great hotel in St. Augustine, Florida?  First of all, great choice for a vacation destination.  My family loves visiting St. Augustine.

But secondly, have you thought about staying at Courtyard by Marriott St. Augustine I-95?  It’s a wonderful choice for a hotel to stay in if you are visiting St. Augustine.

In my review, I’ll go over the good points about Courtyard St. Augustine I-95, as well as the bad points.  And then I will tell you how you can save money on nightly rates here!



We really loved our room here.  The room was really spacious so there was plenty of room for all of our luggage.

I love how the guest rooms at Courtyard in St. Augustine, Florida off I-95 had plenty of room for our luggage

I also really liked the beds.

Courtyard in St. Augustine, Florida near I-95, outlets has wonderful comfortable beds for families

They had queen beds which were great.  A lot of hotels in the area offer just double beds, but I prefer queen beds.  And these beds were really comfortable.

The bathroom was also really big.  They also had plenty of towels, which I always appreciate.

And they have a good desk with a comfortable chair if you need to do work during your vacation.

Courtyard by Marriott St. Augustine I-95 is a great hotel for anyone who has to do business during their vacation

And I really loved the pictures up.  They were so perfect for St. Augustine.  I especially loved the lighthouse picture!

I love the St. Augustine themed pictures up at the guest room at Courtyard by Marriott I-95, especially the lighthouse picture


They have a number of great dining options here.  First of all, there’s the onsite restaurant. The Bistro.

The Bistro at Courtyard St. Augustine serves breakfast, dinner, cocktails, Starbucks coffee

I really like this restaurant.  They have a lot of restaurants like it at Courtyard hotels.  They tend to serve good food.  And they serve great beverages, like Starbucks coffee in the morning and cocktails at night.

The Bistro is located in the lobby.  There are plenty of tables.  My favorite is the individual tables for families that have their own personal TVs.  This makes it watch sports or a TV show you want.  It also works well for social distancing, too.

Enjoy croissants, English scones & other bakery items as part of a breakfast at the Bistro, an on-site restaurant at the Courtyard hotel in St. Augustine, Florida

We had breakfast here.  They had delicious blueberry scones and croissants.

Croissants were one of the breakfast foods my family liked at the Bistro, a dining option at Courtyard by Marriott in St. Augustine, Florida

The Bistro at Courtyard in St. Augustine, Florida near the outlets has delicious breakfast items like scones

But they are also really close to other dining options.  They are right next store to a Bojangle’s.

This was really helpful for my family when we visited there.  We had scheduled a Ripley’s Red Train Nights of Lights tour for that night at 8:30 PM.  We really enjoyed it by the way; you can read our full review here.

But at any rate, we left home early and hoped to get there, check-in to our hotel, have dinner, and have plenty of time to get to the tour.  But life often has different plans.  And we ran into rain and a lot of traffic (it was New Year’s Eve Eve).  So we were not able to check in to the hotel or eat dinner before the tour.

So it was really great we could get food from Bojangles.  At that time, they were not letting anyone in the dining room.  But the hotel was super nice and we were able to order our food and eat it at one of the tables in the lobby.  We were not the only family doing that; apparently, a lot of people were caught in the same traffic that we were!  But having the restaurant so close and all the tables were a plus for my family.  And because the tables all have individual TVs, we were even able to watch a college football bowl game during our meal.


This hotel has a great location.  As I said, it is close to restaurants, like being next door to Bojangle’s.

It is also right off of I-95.  This makes it convenient for a hotel location.  It also makes it convenient if you are traveling to farther south in Florida and need a hotel for your trip down.

But it is also great, of course, for a St. Augustine vacation.  It is really close to the St. Augustine Historic District.  We found it to be a pretty quick drive from Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! and other attractions in the Historic District of St. Augustine.

It is also incredibly close to St. Augustine Outlets and St. Augustine Premium Outlets.  So if you are like me and love outlet shopping, this is a great hotel choice.

And it is under thirty minutes away from the beach!

Great Amenities

Courtyard by Marriott St. Augustine I-95 also has a great pool.  It goes up to six feet, which I like.  It means you can really do some great swimming in the pool, which you can’t always do in pools at hotels.

The pool at Courtyard by Marriott St. Augustine I-95 makes a St. Augustine, Florida vacation even better

They have an outdoor grill you can use if you want to grill out some night.

Enjoy a summer barbeque at Courtyard by Marriott St. Augustine I-95 by using their grill that guests can use

You can even eat at one of their tables outdoors.

You can eat outside and enjoy Florida weather during a St. Augustine trip if you stay at Courtyard

They also have a great fitness center.  You’ll have a lot of options here, like weights, treadmills, exercise bikes, etc.

Enjoy exercise bike, treadmills, and more at the fitness center at Courtyard St. Augustine I-95 in Florida

Courtyard St. Augustine I-95 has a great exercise room available to guests



Now, first of all, they had an elevator, which not all hotels do.  So I really appreciate that.

But they only had one elevator.  And it was quite slow.  So that could get a bit annoying.

Luggage Carts

Now, once again, they had luggage carts.  Which I do appreciate.

But they didn’t have a lot.  So we had to wait a while until one was available at night.  I even had to walk through the whole hotel trying to find an elevator per the suggestion by one of the employees, which was not successful.  I had better luck just waiting for someone to come down with a cart.

But as I said earlier, I was there on a busy night.  So perhaps you’ll have better luck.


While Courtyard by Marriott St. Augustine I-95 was by no means perfect, as you can see, the positives greatly outweigh the negatives.  There were just so many positives (great rooms, comfortable beds, great location, great amenities, etc.).

And let me add one more positive for you, and that is the price.  It is quite affordable, especially if you book your stay here.