A picture of the sofa and the door to the two bedrooms at a 2-bedroom suite at Patriots Inn Williamsburg

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If you are a regular reader of this blog then you know my family loves vacationing in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Well, my family just got back from a trip to Williamsburg and we wanted to tell you about the new hotel we tried out: Patriots Inn.

Patriots Inn is a vacation rental resort, but it is not the kind of timeshare resort where you have to be a member to rent a room.  You can rent a room online like through this website, where you can find incredibly reasonable rates for Patriots Inn.  My family and I were so surprised when we found a two-bedroom suite for Memorial Day weekend for a low of a price as we did.  There’s also a deal available here that is good for select dates that could work for your family depending on when you want to visit.

And price didn’t end up being the only thing we liked about this hotel.  Let me tell you about all of the good, the bad, and the in-between about this hotel.


A great thing about this hotel is the location.  It’s especially convenient for visiting Colonial Williamsburg, which my family loves to do.  It’s also about fifteen minutes away from Busch Gardens theme park and Water Country USA waterpark.  So it is a great home base for a Williamsburg vacation.

Another great thing about the location is being on Richmond Road, it is close it is to numerous restaurants.  It’s close to lots of great pancake houses (something Williamsburg is famous for), like within walking distance of Mama Steve’s House of Pancakes and next door to Another Broken Egg Cafe.  It is also close to a lot of great restaurants.  It is within walking distance to restaurants like Fat Tuna Grill & Oyster House, a restaurant we tried when staying here and loved.  And if you want something quicker, it is right next door to a shopping center with faster options like Subway.

Hotel Makeup and Decor

I really like how the hotel looks, too.  It is a nice brick building that fits in well with Williamsburg and they have lots of plants and flowers around it, too.

A picture of the brick buildings that make up Patriots Inn a vacation rental property in Williamsburg, Virginia that you can stay even if you are not a vacation club member

It has great theming that fits in well with Williamsburg, too.  There are two different buildings: the Washington building and the Jefferson building.  We were in the Jefferson building, where there was a picture of Jefferson in the lobby.  There were also a lot of great pictures up throughout the hotel that were really nice.  I liked pictures of Virginia with fall foliage.

I love the pictures up in the buildings at Patriots Inn in Williamsburg, Virginia

Another thing I liked about the makeup of this hotel is that the hallways are interior.  It rained a lot during our vacation, so it was nice that we did not have to worry about getting wet when we walked to our room.  And there was plenty of parking near the building, both in front of the building and behind the building.

I also like that the building is accessible.  There is an elevator, which sadly not all hotels in historic areas have.

Our room was near the elevator, which was very convenient.  Sometimes that can be loud but that wasn’t the case at all.  In fact, the whole hotel was very quiet.  When I was in my bedroom, I could hardly hear what was going on in other rooms.  And the room across the hall from us had a dog which I know from walking by the room when their door was open.  But I never heard the dog the whole trip.  So I really liked that.

Resort Ammenities

The hotel also has a great pool area.

Patriots Inn in Williamsburg, VA review: I love that they have a great pool

I love how they have a shallow area at the front of the pool so it’s easy to get in.  I also like that they have a hot tub.

A picture of the hot tub at the pool complex at Patriots Inn in Williamsburg, Virginia

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what the pool was like because as I said earlier, it rained and a bit cold most of our vacation so I wasn’t able to use it.  But next time I stay here, I hope to use the pool.  They also have a fitness center.


So finally, I wanted to tell you guys about the room.  As I mentioned earlier, we booked a two-bedroom suite, which I was really excited about.  So excited I worried it wouldn’t live up to my expectations, but luckily that was not a problem.

When you enter the room, you can see right away this is a spacious suite.

Patriots Inn in Williamsburg has large, spacious suites

A picture of the sofa and the door to the two bedrooms at a 2-bedroom suite at Patriots Inn Williamsburg

There is a full kitchen.

I love how the suites at Patriots Inn in Williamsburg, Virginia have full kitchens

I loved how there was a full refrigerator, a stove, oven, dishwasher, and microwave.  They had plenty of utensils to use like a whisk and a cutting board.

Patriots in Williamsburg, Virginia has two bedroom suites with a complete kitchen and all kinds of kitchen utensils

So if you stayed here multiple days, you could easily cook your meals (which can save you a lot of money on your vacation).

There is also a table with four chairs, which is great if you are a family of four.

I like how the suites at Patriots Inn in Williamsburg have tables with four chairs

That also makes eating in your room easier.

THere’s a good-sized sofa and a chair.  All were comfortable, which is great.  To make the den area even better, there was a fireplace.

A picture of the fireplace at a suite at Patriots Inn in Williamsburg, VA

Since it ended up getting pretty cold while we were here (well, I am from South Carolina, so when it dips below 70 I consider it cold) it was really nice to use the fireplace.  I also liked the lamps next to the sofa and that there were plenty of outlets around the room.

If I had one complaint about the den area, it would have to be the TV.  The TV was way too small in my opinion.  It made sitting around watching TV with the family less enjoyable.  We watched a basketball game and while I suppose I am spoiled, it was hard to see the players.  So I wish they would upgrade that.  Otherwise, I liked the den area.

The best part of the suite, though, was the master bedroom.

A picture of the master bedroom at a 2-bedroom suite in Patriots Inn in Williamsburg, Virginia

It was incredibly spacious, far larger than most main bedrooms in two-bedroom suites.  I really liked too how the bedroom has a king bed rather than a queen bed.  A very comfortable king bed, too!  I liked the decor of the rooms and the plants were attractive (they were fake, by the way).  And the bathroom was huge.  It’s really great having a bathroom that’s so spacious.

The suite had two bathrooms, which I really like.  The second bathroom though was not off the second bedroom and it was pretty small.

The second bedroom was also much smaller than the main bedroom.  But it’s really cozy and works really well, especially for a bedroom for children.  And the bed was really comfortable, too.  The decor in the room was attractive as well.

A picture of a queen bed in one of the bedrooms of a 2-bedroom suite at Patriots Inn in Williamsburg, VA

If I had to nitpick that bedroom, though, I wish it had more light, especially around the closet.  It’s hard to see anything you put in the closet.  But you can always use the flashlight from your phone.  But this wasn’t a problem in the main bedroom.

Speaking of the bedrooms, the pillows were a bit more square than at most hotels.  I actually ended up liking it more than I thought I would and it was a bit more comfortable to me than the bigger pillows you can get at some hotels.  However, the feelings were mixed in my family, with another family member not liking the pillows as much.

I also just liked the overall aesthetics of the suite.  It has a very cozy, homelike feel to it.

Registration & Front Desk

Another thing I liked about this hotel was the service.  When we arrived at the hotel, we went to the registration office.

A picture of the registration office at Patriots Inn in Williamsburg, Virginia

The woman working at the front desk was extremely nice and accommodating.  We got there early and they had a room ready.  They explained everything well and they never tried to sell us on getting a timeshare.  They made the whole experience even better.

But the one negative here is that the front office isn’t always open.  This was a negative to us when around ten o’clock at night, the toilet started acting up.  We were able to use a plunger and it was okay.  But that is a negative of staying here versus a hotel where you can call the front desk at all hours.

On that end, one thing I did not love about the hotel was that the check-out time is 10:00 AM.  That is a bit earlier than I would like.  It of course wasn’t enough to ruin my trip, and hey, it meant my family got on the road a lot earlier.  But it’s something you should know before you book your stay.

On a more plus note, I loved the packet they gave us about the hotel said “Welcome Home” on it.

A picture of the Welcome Home packet they give guests at Patriots Inn in Williamsburg, Virginia

It had a lot of great information in it, like about check-out.


For the reasons I just mentioned, my family absolutely loved our stay at Patriots Inn.  We loved how we could get a great stay in a wonderful spacious two-bedroom suite at such a reasonable price.  So much so that on our last night there, we started talking about coming back for a week for a long vacation.  So we definitely think your family would love a stay here, too!

And once again, you can book your stay at Patriots Inn for a good price here.