How to find the cheapest flights for spring break 2024

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Valentine’s Day is a day away, and that means that Spring Break is just around the corner.  So if you don’t have all your travel plans for spring break nailed down, now is the time to do just that.

One of the most expensive things you may have to purchase for your spring break trip is airline tickets.  This has always been expensive, but it feels as though these days, flight prices are especially high.

This can feel like a deterrent for a spring break trip, but luckily it does not have to be that way.  Here at Green Vacation Deals, we take pride in helping people spend as little as possible for vacations.

Spring Break Flight Promo Code

One way we do that is with discount codes.  Discount codes on flights are a great way to save money, especially if multiple people are booking a flight.  And it takes very little work on your part, just typing in a promo code.

And we know of a great promo code for flights you book here.  You just use the promo code “BREAK30”.  And then you save up to $30 on flights!  This promo code is good for up to 6 passengers.  Which means if you are booking a flight for six people, you could save $180!

Cheapest Spring Break Flights

So what are other ways to find cheap prices for flights?  Well, if you want to also take advantage of the promo code I told you about, then check out the deals at Cheapoair.  As the name would imply, they have a lot of cheap flights.

But if you’re still not seeing a price you like, you can find a comparison of the same flights across hundreds websites here.  That is another great way to get a cheap spring break flight.  And since hundreds of websites are compared, you’ll know you are getting the absolute lowest price.