Save money on flights to Orlando, Miami, Vancouver, San Fran, Chicago

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Never pay more for flights than you have to.  There are great deals to be found and here are some of today’s great deals.

  • Cincinnati to Miami on Frontier Airlines on 12/5-12/12/17     $66.40
  • Baltimore to Orlando on Spirit Airlines on 12/13-12/20/17     $74.56
  • Los Angeles to San Francisco on United Airlines on 12/16-12/18/17     $78.40
  • New York City to Chicago on United Airlines on 1/24-1/30/18     $78.40
  • Minneapolis to Denver on Frontier Airlines on 12/19-12/25/17    $86.38
  • Los Angeles to Chicago on United Airlines on 1/26-1/28/18     $92.38
  • San Francisco to Los Angeles on Alaska Airlines on 12/12-12/19/17      $96.40
  • Los Angeles to San Francisco on Alaska Airlines on 12/16-12/18/17     $102.48
  • Philadelphia to New Orleans on Frontier Airlines on 1/18-1/23/18     $110.38
  • Philadelphia to Dallas/Fort Worth on Spirit Airlines on 1/5-1/9/18     $114.38
  • Portland (Oregon) to Vancouver on Alaska Airlines on 2/6-2/8/18     $190.06
  • Washington to Toronto on Porter Airlines on 12/17-12/19/17     $227.52