How to save 50% on a Southwest Airlines flight with a promo code

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Here are at Green Vacation Deals, we love a good travel bargain.  I mean, it’s kind of our thing; it’s in our name.  So it should come as no surprise.

But what may come as a good and welcome surprise is that Southwest Airlines is having a great flash sale right now!  This is welcome news because I probably don’t have to tell you that flights have become ridiculously expensive these days.

So here are the details of this flash sale.  You can use the promo code “BDAY”.  See, it’s Southwest Airlines’ birthday week, hence the sale.

Anyway, the promo code will get you 50% off a flight!  This can really help make a flight more affordable.

Of course, as with most flash sales, there are restrictions.  First of all, as I said before, this is a flash sale.  So you will need to book the flight between June 10, 2024, and June 13, 2024, in order to qualify for the sale.

Secondly, these are flights for travel between August 6, 2024, and December 18, 2024.  So if you wanted to use the promo code for any travel outside of these dates, then you are out of luck.

Thirdly, these are only for select flights.  So it may not work for what you want.  There are restrictions, exclusions, and blackout dates.

Fourthly, the discount is before the government taxes and fees.  So make sure you look at the final price before you book it.

And finally, there are only a limited number of seats available for this deal.  So even though this deal runs through June 13th, you are much better off booking your flight sooner rather than later.  Which is to say if you find a good deal, jump on it!

So start looking for flights here.  Good luck in finding that great price that will help you take an amazing vacation!