Travel guide for Milos, Greece. Learn about its history, activities to do & how to save money traveling there

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Milos, Greece Travel Guide

The Greek Island of Milos in the Western Cyclades Island chain is known for its spectacular sunset views, beautiful beaches, a rich history, excellent food, and white-washed villages.  It is an unadvertised gem where you can experience the real Greece without the crowds.  

Its volcanic origin gives Milos a magnificent colorful landscape.  The variety of terrain is incredible – you’ll see nothing twice.  And that means there’s always something new to discover.

The coastline of Milos is home to over 40 exotic beaches.  Sarakiniko Beach is the best known of the beaches.  You’ll see volcanic gleaming white rock formations and crystal clear turquoise waters.  Whether you decide to jump off its cliffs, explore its sea caves, doze on a beach towel or go swimming, you’ll remember its enchanting atmosphere forever.

Kleftiko has impressive rock formations that spring up from the sea.  These rocks have natural caves and rare geological phenomena.  Legend has it that one of the caves was a hideout for pirates.  It is said they hid their treasure here but it has never been found.

The picturesque fishing villages are a must-see on Milos.  See small white-washed houses with colorful shutters and boat garages where fishermen park their colorful boats.  You’ll think you’ve traveled back in time.

Milos’ underground catacombs were built around the end of the first century.  They were used as Christian cemeteries during Roman times.  The 3 catacombs are interconnected by hallways.

Milos Activities

There is so much to do on Milos and so many fascinating things to see.  Take a walk through the ancient city of Milos and see city walls and the roman theatre.

Go on a boat tour to Kleftiko.

Discover Milos, sailing, snorkeling and cave exploration on a small group cruise.

Take a fascinating geological and volcanic experience tour.

And catch one of the spectacular sunsets over the water on a sunset cruise.

Save Money Traveling to Milos

Milos has been called a “paradise on earth.”

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