Best places to stay near the ocean in Nazare Portugal

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Whether you want to hit the beach in the summer or come party on New Year’s Eve or Carnaval, Nazare, Portugal is a great place to visit.  You’ve got the beautiful beaches, great waves for surfing, great bar scene, delicious seafood restaurants – in short, there’s so much to do in Nazare.  But if you’re like me, then I’m sure you really want to enjoy the beautiful beach.

That is why you should consider staying at one of these five hotels, considered the best five oceanfront hotels in Nazare, Portugal by Expedia (which you can use to find a good price on these hotels);

  1. Hotel Miramar Sul
  2. Miramar Hotel & Spa
  3. Hotel Mar Bravo
  4. Hotel Oceano
  5. Hotel Ribamar