Top 10 luxury hotels in Valletta Malta

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Valletta, the capital of the beautiful Mediterranean island country of Malta, is a wonderful travel destination.  It was recognized in 1980 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and by visiting there you can enjoy taking in the city’s beautiful architecture, which ranges from Baroque to Modernism in style or visiting one of the city’s museums, churches or palaces.  You can also enjoy delicious Maltese cuisine, nightlife scene or learning about Malta’s culture. And the beaches of Malta are just a short bus ride away!

And if you want to holiday in Valletta, then I suggest booking a stay at one of these 10 hotels.  They are all luxury hotels with 4-star or 5-star ratings and have the best reviews by users of TripAdvisor (which you can use to find the best prices for the hotels).

  1. Palais Le Brun
  2. Casa Ellul
  3. La Falconeria
  4. Palazzo Consiglia
  5. The Phoenicia Malta
  6. De Vilhena Boutique Hotel
  7. Excelsior Grand Hotel
  8. SU29 Boutique Hotel
  9. The Coleridge
  10. The Cumberland