Find out which Lofoten Norway hotels are the most romantic & how to get a good deal there

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Above the Arctic Circle and across the Norwegian Sea lie the romantic Lofoten Islands.  This Norwegian treasure is some of the most beautiful islands you will ever see.  Here you will witness majestic mountains, deep fjords, surf-swept beaches, beautiful sea birds and more.  When you’re not enjoying the beauty you can (at different times of the year) enjoy great outdoor sports.  Surfing, skiing, hiking, fishing, and rafting are all great activities you can do at the Lofoten Islands.

It is a wonderful place to visit not only for its beauty, but it is a great way to see this part of the world without having to worry about the extreme temperatures.  Lofoten has a much milder climate than you might expect from that part of the world because of its warm Gulf Stream.  Basically, if you’re looking for a romantic getaway in Norway, Lofoten Islands are a great choice!

So whether you are looking for a honeymoon location, anniversary trip, or just an epic romantic getaway, you should check out these hotels.  They were ranked by customers of TripAdvisor as the most romantic Lofoten Islands, Norway hotels.  And you can use TripAdvisor to find a good price for these hotels:

  1. Svinoya Rorbuer
  2. Henningsvaer Bryggehotell – By Classic Norway Hotels
  3. Guesthouse Det gamle Hotellet
  4. Lysvoldbrygga
  5. Hattvika Lodge
  6. Sakrisoey Rorbuer
  7. Reine Rorbuer – By Classic Norway Hotels
  8. Nyvagar Rorbuhotel – By Classic Norway Hotels
  9. Eliassen Rorbuer
  10. Anker Brygge
  11. Nusfjord Arctic Resort
  12. Finnholmen Brygge
  13. Reinefjorden Sjohus
  14. Gammelfileten Brygge