A guide to SeaWorld Spooktacular in Orlando what you need to know before you bring your kids to this Halloween event

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Have you been to SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular yet this year?  If you haven’t, you really need to go!  This is a wonderful event that the whole family can enjoy, especially the young ones.  This event was made for young children, especially those who want to trick-or-treat.  And what kid doesn’t?

But before you go, let me tell you a few tips that will make your entire experience better.

1. Buy Your Tickets Online

A great thing about SeaWorld’s Spooktacular is that unlike Disney World’s Boo Bash, admission to the event is included in the price of the ticket.  So if you already are a pass member or have a fun card, you can just go to the park and attend the event.

If you don’t have a ticket yet, though, you should buy your ticket online.  You’ll save a lot of money by purchasing your ticket online rather than buying your ticket on the day of the event.  Click here to buy a discounted ticket.  You can also get a good price for a fun card here and an annual pass here.

2. Plan to Visit on a Saturday or Sunday

One key thing about SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular you should know before you go is that it is only available on Saturdays or Sundays.  Which can be very convenient for anyone living nearby in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, etc. who are visiting on the weekend so it doesn’t interfere with your kid’s school.  But if you are planning say a week-long trip to Orlando, then you might be thinking of visiting SeaWorld during the week.  But if you want to go to the SeaWorld Spooktacular and you have flexibility on what days you can visit SeaWorld, make sure you pick a Saturday or Sunday.

3. Bring a Reusable Bag

Reusable Halloween trick-or-treating bags are required at the SeaWorld Spooktacular event

If your kid wants to participate in the trick-or-treating part of the Halloween Spooktacular (and I suspect they will), you will need a reusable bag.  It is required for trick-or-treating.  You can buy one there or buy one ahead of time here.

4. Head to the Key West Section

All the trick-or-treating and other Halloween activities at the SeaWorld Spooktacular event take place near the Key West, dolphin parts of SeaWorld Orlando

This year, all of the trick-or-treating and festivities all take place around the Key West section of SeaWorld Orlando.  This is really great because it means you can go to one part of the park to enjoy everything and you won’t have to walk around the entire park to do trick-or-treating.

But is definitely something you need to know before you go.  They don’t hand out special park maps at the front of the park anymore post COVID-19.  When I arrived, I asked a cast member, who mistakenly told me the whole thing was near the Sesame Street part of SeaWorld.  Which was like all the way across the park.

So I definitely want you guys to not make my mistake.  When you get to the park, head to the left.  That is where the event is.  It’s near where you would go to watch the dolphins.

5. Get Some Halloween Treats from Coaster Coffee

Coaster Coffee Company in SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida sells delicious cupcakes

Halloween pastries are available so adults can have treats too at the SeaWorld Spooktacular Halloween event in Orlando, Florida

Kids shouldn’t be the only ones enjoy delicious Halloween sweets.  Wouldn’t like you some delicious Halloween treats, too?  Well, then, head to Coaster Coffee Co. and pick up some of their delicious Halloween treats!

Coaster Coffee Company is new to SeaWorld and they sell, among other things, pastries and coffee.  For a full review of Coaster Coffee, click here.

6. Get Drinks from Craft Beer Festival

Drink beer while your kids trick-or-treat at SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida

As I said, kids aren’t the only ones who should have fun at this festival.  Well, the Halloween Spooktacular isn’t the only event going on at SeaWorld right now.  The Craft Beer Festival is taking place!

So as long as you are not driving to the park, check out the great drinks you can get at this event!  We go over them here.

7. Plan Your Day Around the Weather

If possible, keep the weather in mind when you plan your day.  As long as you are not taking a hotel shuttle, then go in the morning if the day is hot.  Go in the afternoon if the day is cold.  Do this if you are driving yourself or you can walk to the park (like if you’re staying at the Renaissance Orlando or Hilton Garden Inn Orlando).