Find out what the best Thurso UK hotels are & how to get the best deal for them

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Take a trip to Thurso, Scotland, the most northern mainland town in Great Britain.  You can enjoy the rugged scenic coastline and perhaps try surfing.  Relaxing on the beach at Thurso Bay makes another wonderful excursion during your time in Thurso.  There are dog-friendly beaches around Thurso where you could also ride a horse.  In the summer, you can head to the river mouth to watch seals, sea birds, otters or boats.  In the winter, you can be on the lookout for Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern lights.  Other notable places to visit would be Caithness Horizons, Old St Peter’s Church, and Holburn Head Lighthouse.  And you can also access the Orkney Islands via Thurso’s harbour.

If you are planning a holiday in Thurso, United Kingdom, then consider staying at one of these hotels.  They are the best rated Thurso hotels on TripAdvisor – and you can use TripAdvisor to find a good price for these hotels:

  1. Forss House Hotel
  2. Melvich Hotel
  3. Park Hotel
  4. Castle Arms Hotel
  5. The Castletown Hotel
  6. Station Hotel
  7. St Clair Hotel
  8. Pentland Hotel
  9. Muthu Royal Thurso Hotel
  10. The Hawthorns Bed & Breakfast