Find out where to stay near Narragansett Beach in Rhode Island & where you can book them for an affordable price

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Narragansett is a beautiful seaside town in Rhode Island.  Its well-maintained beaches, quirky restaurants, landmarks, and laid back surf city vibe cause its population to double each summer.  Surfers flock here to ride some of New England’s gnarliest waves. You absolutely have to try the clam cakes which were created by Aunt Carrie nearly a century ago.

If you want to visit Narragansett and do it in style, you should consider the following hotels.  They were ranked as the top luxury hotels in Narragansett by the customers of TripAdvisor. And you can use TripAdvisor to find the best prices for these hotels.

  1. The Break
  2. Castle Hill Inn
  3. Forty 1 North
  4. The Vanderbilt
  5. The Chanler at Cliff Walk
  6. Hydrangea House Inn
  7. Point Pleasant Inn
  8. The Villa
  9. Inn at Spring House
  10. The Anchor Motel
  11. Tower House B&B
  12. The Richards