The Italian Pavilion at Epcot in Disney World has lots of shopping and great restaurants, like Tutto Italia

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I don’t know about your family, but my family loves eating Italian food.  We also love going to Disney World and visiting the World Showcase in EPCOT.  So, of course, we wanted to eat Tutto Italia, an Italian restaurant in the Italy Pavilion of the World Showcase!

The Italian Pavilion at Epcot in Disney World has lots of shopping and great restaurants, like Tutto Italia

We went just last week, and I want to tell you about our experience.

Getting a Reservation

So getting a reservation for Tutto Italia can be tough.  This is in part because I noticed they are, like a lot of restaurants these days, not using all their tables.  They also close at 7:00 PM, earlier than most of the restaurants at the World Showcase close.  So you should try booking this restaurant in advance, though we were able to get a reservation the day of.  I’ve found that trying earlier in the day helps, like first thing when you wake up.

By the way, it is owned by Patina Restaurant Group, not Disney.  So when you go, you can’t do online check-in as you do at other Disney restaurants.  You’ll need to walk up to the host or hostess and check-in.  You don’t have to worry your phone is messing up, and yes that is something I worried!

Restaurant Decor & Atmosphere

As I walked into the restaurant, I was immediately impressed with the decor.  I loved all the artwork and the chandeliers.

Epcot's Italian restaurant Tutto Italia has a luxurious but kid-friendly atmosphere and decor

I love the artwork and atmosphere of Tutto Italia at the Walt Disney World Resort

Feel like you are in Italy at Tutto Italia at Disney World in the World Showcase

I love how the artwork conjures up images of Italy.  The artwork on the walls was really creative. The columns and windows in the artwork make you feel as if you are surrounded by fancy columns and windows looking out at Venice or other parts of Italy.  It’s a really neat trick.

My family loved the Venice, Italy artwork at the Italian restaurant at Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando

See columns & other Italy staples in artwork at Epcot's Italian restaurant, Tutto Italia

I also just really liked the overall atmosphere of the restaurant.  It felt elegant yet not too stuffy.  Like it’s the kind of restaurant you could have a nice, romantic evening for two.  But at the same time, you could bring your kids and have a great family night.  And it is definitely kid-friendly, as they provide kid menus children can color on, which I liked.


They brought out bread before our meal, which was really good, which I found fitting for an Italian restaurant.

My family loved the bread at Tutto Italia a great Italy Pavilion restaurant in Orlando, Florida at Disney World

Almost everyone in my family ordered the Fettuccine.  And we were really glad we did.  It was some of the best Fettuccine I have ever had south of New York City.  And this is a dish I love and take very seriously!

My family recommends the Fettuccine Alfredo as an entree as part of our review of Disney World's Tutto Italia restaurant

My mom was the only person who ordered something different.  She got the Penne alla Vodka.  She said it was very good, though after having a bite of my Fettuccine, she did have some buyer’s remorse and said next time we go, she’s going to order the Fettuccine!

Penne alla Vodka is one of the Italian dishes you can get at the Italy Pavilion at the Walt Disney World Resort

I liked how with both pasta dishes, they’ll put more cheese on for you and are very accommodating, unlike a few waiters and waitresses I have had at a restaurant where I live (cough Olive Garden cough).

We did not order any desserts so I cannot comment on those, but if they were anything like the rest of the food there I am sure it was delicious.  This is definitely a restaurant my family is going to back to, and we think your family will like it, too.

Visiting the World Showcase

So as I said before, Tutto Italia is located in the Italian pavilion of the World Showcase.  Entrance in the World Showcase is included in the cost of your ticket.  You can get discounted tickets to Disney World by clicking here.

It is a bit far of a walk if you are coming in from the front of the park.  But it is an easy walk if you are coming in from the World Showcase entrance.  You can access that if you take a Skyliner gondola from Hollywood Studios.

Or you can easily access it from one of the hotels near the World Showcase or near a Disney Skyliner Station.

Hotels you can walk or take a boat to Epcot from:

Skyliner Gondolas to Epcot