Discounted admission to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Fright Fest in Vallejo California

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It’s September and that means Fright Fest is back at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California!  On select dates from September 21st to November 2nd, zombies & ghouls will be taking over the park. This is one scary event – in fact, the only non-scary part about it is the price; you can get a great ticket deal through Tripster.  And you’re going to buy this ticket, because here are 15 reasons why you need to be there:

  1. Captain Bloat’s Shipwreck of Horror: As Captain Bloat & his pirate crew searched for the legendary Golden Skull, this prize proved elusive & the pirates turned against each other, and crew members ended up drowning, being killed or eaten alive by sharks.  When Captain Bloat finally found the Golden Skull, his skin deteriorated, the rest of his crew became standing skeletons & the Golden Skull slipped back into the Sea. Now the pirates still haunt the area searching for the Golden Skull and if you stop by looking for the fortune, you too can succumb to a similar fate!
  2. Arachnid Alley: This once beautiful tourist area had restaurants, entertainment, attractions & more…that is until thousands of spiders took over, feeding on locals & tourists.  Anyone who survived began transforming into disfigured spider like creatures themselves. But I’m sure you’d meet a different fate…right?
  3. Carnevil – Death Under the Big Top: After Bunko the clown was fired from his beloved traveling circus, he turned from a lovable clown to a vengeful monster, killing his former employers & anyone getting in his way…which could include you if you are brave enough to enter this smoke-filled canopy.
  4. Sawmill Pass: It’s about time for workers of Sawmill Pass to clock in for their shift.  Only problem? These lumberjacks have pledged themselves to Wendigo, a cannibalistic evil spirit, and now these lumberjacks don’t care if they’re chopping off tree limbs…or your limbs.
  5. Nightmare Manor: This once stately Victorian mansion was once a coveted house…but it also had a devilishly demented dungeon.  The homeowners, twins Arsenic & Arania Nightmare rarely had visitors, but if did, the visitors were never to be seen again.  No one lives there anymore yet neighbors still report agonizing, painful screams. Are you brave enough to tour this house?
  6. Mt. Rotting Cemetery: If you’re brave enough, you can enter into a creepy cemetery that’s haunted by two evil ghosts who not only hate each other…but they hate you, too.
  7. St. Hades Hospital: You may check into this hospital…but will you check out?
  8. Scrapyard of the Dead: Ever since the scrapyard started disposing of chemical waste, the crew has become deranged and those they show to the boneyard?  Well, they never let them leave, but you should be different…right?
  9. Scarecrows Hollow: To save his precious corn stalks, Carl Flappenwick decided to make 50 scarecrows…all lifelike, animatronic…and completely terrifying (new for 2018!)
  10. Demon’s Lair: Another new attraction in 2018, you can enter the place where evil truly dwells…if you dare.
  11. Rides: Enjoy thrilling rides appropriate for a Halloween Fear Fest, like Lost Souls of the Joker, Thunder Road Zombie Invasion, Hammerhead Shark Infested, Boomerang Coast to Terror, Skyscreamer Orc Attack, etc.
  12. Creepshow Freakshow: Starring Frankie Sin & Donny Vomit, enjoy sideshow thrill acts with amazing skills
  13. Toxic Terror: Illegal dumping has polluted an area that was once a thriving and industrious part of town.  Now you have to not only watch out for the glowing hazardous waste but the hazardous inhabitants as well!
  14. Hypnotist Show: Ever wondered what your subconscious self is like when you encounter a hypnotist?  You can find out at this show at Adventure Theater!
  15. Sacred Fire Dance: Another great show featuring a sacred fire dance