50 reasons to visit Halloweekends at Cedar Point theme park in Sandusky Ohio

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Just because summer is over doesn’t mean trips to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio should stop! Actually, this is one of the best times of the year to visit Cedar Point, all because of HalloWeekends!

HalloWeekends at Cedar Point theme park are really great.  You can enjoy family-friendly fun at The Great Pumpkin Fest during the day.  Then you can enjoy Nighttime Fights at night.  You can enjoy all this with a HalloWeekends ticket.  You can find discounted Cedar Point HalloWeekends tickets here.

As the name implies, the fun at Halloweekends is only available on the weekends.  It starts September 14th and ends on October 29th.  So now’s the time to book a vacation in Sandusky, Ohio!

The great Halloween decorations alone are enough for me to visit! And the great decorations aren’t just in the park.  You can enjoy them at Cedar Point hotels, too.  My favorite decorations are at Cedar Point’s Castaway Bay Water Park Resort.  You can see them on display in this video:

But if you need more reasons, there are more; actually, 50 reasons!  Find out why you’ll enjoy Halloweekends, highlighting fun activities from both the daytime Great Pumpkin Fest family-oriented part and the Haunt part of Halloweekends more meant for older teens and adults:

1. Trick-or-Treating

There are candy stations all over the park where your kid can pick up candy

2. Monsters Are Coming Charlie Brown

The Monster Are Coming is a Halloween-themed stage show starring PEANUTS characters.

3. Halloweekends Pumpkin Spectacular

Enjoy seeing over 1,000 carved pumpkins lit up during the evening.  They are carved into fun designs and shapes.

4. The Great Pumpkin Parade

Watch your favorite PEANUTS characters in their Halloween costumes on giant floats with performers & dancers.  This year, it will take place on a new route along the Main Midway, from Sky Ride Station to Sky Ride Station!

5. Boneyard Battleground

This all-new attraction is coming to Cedar Point’s Haunt!  It involves powerful music, flames, and non-stop action.

6. Magical House on Boo Hill

You’ll find new surprises in every room of this new walk-through haunted house.

7. Camp Spooky Dance Party

Your kids will love this spooky-themed dance party with their PEANUTS friends.

8. The Great Pumpkin Photo Spot

This is a great spot for you to get a picture of your kid with Linus and the PEANUTS pals.  It’s a scene from “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”

9. Whistlin’ Willie’s Western Wake

So the story behind this show is that Whistlin’ Willie, a local gold miner in Frontier Town ha died…allegedly.  You can join the local townsfolk to celebrate his life (and maybe riches!) in a party that is bound to wake the dead!

10. Planet Spooky’s Scare-Eoke

Here’s a chance for your little one to belt out a classic Halloween song!

11. Monster Mash Bash Hallozone

A nighttime party that the whole family can enjoy!

12. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Presents Creepy Crawly Critters

You can get up close to creepy crawlers from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in this brand new attraction.  This includes snakes, possums, roaches, and more.

13. Gypsy Fortune Tellers

Have your future told by one of the park’s Gypsy Fortune Tellers

14. Skin & Bones Band

A talented band of skeletons are just dying to entertain you

15. Zombie Jr. High School

A great Hallo-tween maze recommended for ages 14 and under.

16. Zombie High School

An older version of this is found at night, where you try to stay alive as you make your way through haunted halls & creepy classrooms

17. The Mystery of Eerie Estate

Another Hallo-tween maze for those 14 and under, this maze includes puzzles & activities based off the legend of George A. Boeckling

18. G.A. Boeckling’s Eerie Estate

This is the attraction based off the legend of George A. Boeckling that is more catered to the older teens and adults

19. Hexed Spellbound: In the Dark

This is an all-new maze aimed at tweens.  They’ll be able to explore a witches’ lair and see what is around the corner.

20. Hexed Lights Out

This hexed attraction is for the older crowd at night, where you have to navigate through with a flashlight on the lookout for the next scare

21. Slaughter House

The butchers are looking for fresh meat…and that may be you!

22. Midnight Syndicate Conspiracy of Shadows

Enjoy a wonderful blend of horror music & movie-style sound effects at this show at the Jack Aldrich Theatre on the Main Midway

23. Harvest Fear

Haunt has an all-new outdoor scare zone full of century costumed children & scary surprises

24. Fearground Freakshow

See what happens when a freakshow goes horribly wrong during Haunt.

25. Cut Throat Cove

Meet the crew of sunken ships who have been waiting for rescue for more than 150 years

26. Deprivation

Try to find the right path to get out while enveloped in darkness

27. Blood on the Bayou

Deep in the bayou are mysteries too dangerous to explore

28. Franklin’s Tractor Trek

Kids can race each other on children-sized tractors through a hay bale course

29. Linus’ Mummy Pit

Linus, along with his mummy friends, are throwing a foam pit party just for the children

30. Peppermint Patty’s Hale Bale Maze

A classic hay bale maze, but this one was created small enough for the little ones!

31. Pigpen’s Corn Box

Children can step into thousands of corn kernels & play (sort of like a sandbox, just with corn instead!) 

32. Charlie Brown’s Challenge Course

A fun-filled obstacle course for kids

33. The Friendly Monster

Enjoy the Monster ride with a Halloween-inspired soundtrack!

34. Spooky Express Railroad

Snoopy’s Express Railroad now has cool fall swag

35. Woodstock’s Crazy Cornstalks

Bring your kids along and try to find your way through the cornstalks

36. Snoopy’s Spiderweb Crawl

Climb on massive mutant spiderwebs in this brand new attraction!

37. Boo-Streak

Enjoy a Halloween edition of the classic Blue Streak ride

38. Ocean Potion

See the Ocean Motion ride turns to a bubbling, gurgling red color

39. The Pumpkin Patches

Enjoy hearing the Pumpkin Patches harmonize some of your favorite Halloween songs!

40. Marcie’s Colorful Creations

Here’s a great chance for your kid to draw colorful fall artwork

41. Sally’s Craft Corner

Your kid will get a chance to make some great Halloween crafts with their favorite PEANUTS characters

42. Schroeder’s Game of Skill

Enjoy fun games & maybe win a prize!

43. Spooky Snoopy Eye Spy

Your child can help Snoopy find spooky (but fun) objects in a Halloween version of this classic game

44. Lucy’s Pumpkin Painting

Kids can decorate (and take home) their own mini pumpkin here

45. Fall Foodfest

Enjoy delicious fall eats, like spooky spuds (like a pot roast potato or a turkey dinner baked potato), corn on the cob creations (like roasted garlic or spicy chipotle) or smoked turkey leg (like honey jalapeno or bloody BBQ)

46. Night of the Living Fed

Enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet at this Haunt-themed dinner experience

47. Toxicity

Macabre creatures still roam a skeletal battleground with abilities unknown to humans.  You will get to witness their death-defying flips, tricks & stunts at Celebration Plaza

48. Raging Inferno

Take in heavy metal rockers at Celebration Plaza

49. Midnight Syndicate: Creatures of Darkness

Experience an all-new story of a struggling artist gone wrong at Jack Aldrich Theater.

50. Happily Never After

In this all-new Haunted experience, you can wander into a deep forest where your favorite fairy tales will take a twisted turn.  This is accompanied by a soundtrack of classic rock & glam metal.