Enchanted Kingdom theme park arch facade at daytime in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines. Save money with a coupon for admission.
Enchanted Kingdom theme park arch facade at daytime in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines.

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Enchanted Kingdom Philippines

Enchanted Kingdom is the first world class theme park in the Philippines, opening its doors in 1995 in Santa Rosa, Laguna. It has themed zones with rides, attractions, musical shows, shops, eateries, kiosks and game stands. The zones include Victoria Park, Agila Grounds, Portobello, Spaceport, Boulderville, Brooklyn Place, Jungle Outpost and Midway Boardwalk.

Enchanted Kingdom Rides

Some of the rides and attractions are

  • Carnival: XD Dark Ride Adventure – A 7D Interactive Motion Theater features a 7D Light Gun Motion Ride
  • Anchors Aweigh – Sail in pendulum motion swinging back and forth until it reaches a 70 degree angle
  • Rio Grande Rapids – Go through raging white water on a rubber raft
  • Space Shuttle – A thrilling roller coaster ride that turns you upside down 6 times – 3 backward and 3 forward
  • Air Race – Acrobatic planes bank, loop and dive. They rotate 360 degrees while revolving around a central tower.
  • Disk-O-Magic – Go on a spinning and rocking adventure of motion
  • EKstreme Tower Ride – This thrilling ride takes a minute to go to the top and get a breathtaking view of the Enchanted Kingdom. Then it drops 76 kph.
  • Roller Skate – A junior roller coaster
  • Bouncing Boulder lifts you to a height of 10 meters and then drops you down in several short drops.
  • Agila the EKsperience is a musical flying theater that takes you on a journey across Philippine mountains, breathtaking beaches beautiful islands.
  • Xtreme Paintball Philippine is a war simulator arena where you can compete one on one or group against group.
  • Air Pterodactyl – A child’s ride in an airplane
  • Swan Lake – Paddle a slow boat around a pond
  • Stone Eggs is a ferris wheel for kids that lifts them 24 feet in the air.
  • Boulderville Express is a train ride.
  • Up, Up & Away – 10 colorful balloons rise off the ground and rotate
  • Bumbling Boulders – Turn the wheel and spin the boulder you’re in as it goes on a circular path
  • The Grand Carousel – An elegant centerpiece that greets you as you enter the park with Victorian era horses and chariots
  • Bump N Splash has battery powered bumper boats with water squirters.
  • Rialto 4D is a motion simulator theater
  • Dino Soar Us – Kids dinosaur tubs that can be moved up and down as it revolves
  • Laser Mission – Navigate through a web of lasers until the end of the maze
  • Dodgem – Bumper cars
  • Kindermagic offers Arts & Crafts, Storytelling and Role Playing
  • Flying Fiesta – A swing ride that increases speed with gradual lifts, drops and tilts
  • Jungle Log Jam – Race along a twisting river with up and down chutes and then splash into the water
  • Fun Kart – Be a race car driver and drive a go kart around an 800 meter race track with sharp turns and straight stretches.

Enchanted Kingdom Shows

There are musical shows throughout the park including

  • Enchante Musicale is a multi-act theatrical entertainment including skits, dancing and music.
  • Victoria’s Way – Princess Victoria, EK’s premiere all-female group gives a song and dance performance.
  • Kingsmen – EK’s all male pop vocal group will serenade you.
  • Animal Encounters – Watch exotic animals and interact with them in a safe encounter.
  • Sky Wizardry – Spectacular show with music and dazzling lights in the sky

Daily Zone Shows include

  • Jungle Fire Tribe
  • Arabian Dancers
  • Brooklyn Beats
  • Bollywood
  • Victorian Nobles
  • Rowan’s Revenge
  • Portobello Dancers
  • Boulderville Buddies

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