Coupons for Halloween Haunt at Dorney Park theme park

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If you want a truly terrifying experience this Halloween season, then head to the Halloween Haunt at Dorney Park!  Dorney Park theme park in Allentown, Pennsylvania has a great event every Halloween season.  This event is full of scare zones, mazes, shows, etc.

Just check out some of the great experiences you’ll have at Dorney Park.

Scare Zones


This all-new scare zone is full of nightmares from your past.

The Lair

Another all-new scare zone that is full of vampires from Transylvania.


Try to steer clear of the crazy clowns here!


Urgent Scare

Drop by here and check-in during visiting hours at this Death Care system.


What could make a maze at Dorney Park’s Halloween Haunt even scarier?  How about the lights going out?

Trick or Treat – Lights Out

Legend has it that an old witch lives in that creepy old house along the creek.  She welcomes children in on Halloween in an effort to regain her youth.  And if anyone plays a trick on her, she’ll place an evil spell on them.  So watch out!


Peaceful spirits at a cemetery were dragged out and forced to walk the earth once more.  They want to find the person that woke them, and they want revenge!

Chamber of Horrors

Great news!  The Chamber of Horrors Wax Museum has reopened and you’ll be able to see a collection of some of the most feared murderers, villains, and criminals.  They are so lifelike, you might think they are real.  But they’re not…right?

Blood on the Bayou

The French Quarter is full of mindless demons and innocent souls that have been cursed.

Tourist Trap

It’s the 1983 World’s Fair, but all is not happy.  In fact, many of the tourists have mysteriously disappeared…


Beware of the farmhands at this farm.


Overlord’s Resurrection

The Overlord summons the demonic and undead to flood the midways and mazes with mayhem and malice at the Hydra Plaza Stage.

Terror Rising

The Overlord and his Skull Squad celebrate the rising of terror and evil with a final dance for the dead.

Blood Bath

Blood Bath is a drum troupe giving you a blood bath of music, rhythm and sights.


In addition to the great shows, scare zones and mazes you can experience at Halloween Haunt, you’ll also get a chance to enjoy your favorite Dorney Park rides!  The rides look really cool at night.  Here are the rides you can experience during this Dorney Park Halloween event:

  • Demon Drop
  • Possessed
  • Dominator
  • Monster
  • Sea Dragon
  • Apollo
  • Steel Force
  • Thunderhawk
  • Talon
  • Cedar Creek Flyers
  • Hydra
  • Enterprise
  • Revolution
  • Scrambler
  • Tilt-A-Whirl
  • Dodgem
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Whip
  • Wave Swinger
  • Wild Mouse
  • Musik Express
  • Antique Carousel
  • Ferris Wheel


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