Discounted admission to LEGOLAND theme park in Brooklyn, NY

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The LEGOLAND New York Resort opened last summer.  If you haven’t been yet, I am sure you want to go.  And if you have already been, I am sure you would love to visit the resort again.

After all, there are so many fun things to do there!  We’re going to go over some of these fun activities.  And then we will tell you how you can save money on your ticket!


LEGO Factory Adventure Ride

This is a ride that is exclusive to just LEGOLAND New York.  In this ride, you’ll feel like you were shrunk to LEGO Minifigure size.  You’ll be right in the action of LEGO bricks being created!

This is a great family ride with no minimum height requirement.


Master Wu teaches you and your family the power of the elements in this journey into the Monastery.  The ride begins with a series of amazing illusions for practice.  But then the Great Devourer breaks through and you must fight in order to save the World of Ninjago!

This is a great family ride that has no minimum height requirement.

Dragon’s Apprentice

The story behind Dragon’s Apprentice is that a new baby dragon has hatched and you need to teach the dragon how to be the best dragon it can be.  But the real story behind the ride is that you board a LEGO dragon and enjoy a very kid-friendly roller coaster.  It is recommended for kids ages three years old to five years old.

The Dragon

The same story is behind this roller coaster.  It is just for slightly older and bigger kids.


Did you know that you can see the entire country in one day at LEGOLAND New York?  You can if you visit the MINILAND attraction.  You can see 10 miniature versions of destinations from coast to coast.  This includes great scenery and city skylines of amazing scenery and city skylines.  And it is all made of LEGOs!

Anchors Away!

Anchors Away! is an attraction where you climb aboard a gear-spun Galleon, or a pirate ship.  You then endure the motion of the waves, which basically means the ship will move side to side and will spin you around.

Brick Party

You may have ridden a carousel before.  But have you ever ridden on a carousel made of LEGOs?  The Brick Party carousel attraction at LEGOLAND New York is just that.  You can ride around on a motorcycle, giraffe, tiger, Duplo chicken, or more – made out of LEGOs!

Merlin’s Flying Machines

The premise of this ride?  The Wizard devised a new magical contraption.  It is supposed to fly above the Kingdom to help defend it.  But he needs your strength to help power it.  And you’ll need to test it out.

In reality, this is a ride where you get in your flying machine and spin around and around in a circle.

DJ’s Dizzy Disco Spin

DJ’s Dizzy Disco Spin is a spinning teacup-type ride.  You get in a circular, LEGO-decorated vehicle.  They spin around the tracks while disco lights add color and sparkle to the attraction.  This is a ride with no minimum height requirement that families can enjoy together.

Palace Cinema

See the latest 4D blockbuster movie from LEGO City Studios!

Coast Guard Academy

Kids can take the wheel behind a battery-powered boat at this attraction.  They’ll steer through a course around waterways while avoiding various obstacles.

Driving Academy

Boats aren’t the only thing kids can steer at LEGOLAND New York.  Children ages six years old to thirteen years old can take a drive in the City Park.  Completion of the Driving Academy will even get children their own LEGOLAND Driving license!

DUPLO Express

So there are boats and cars at LEGOLAND New York.  So of course there should be trains, too, right?  It is a fun train ride with playful learning.

Fire Academy

In this attraction, you can become a LEGO City firefighter.  This involves powering a LEGO fire engine as well as putting out a “burning” building with your water cannon.

Rogue Riders

Let’s face it.  Braving the seven seas, while rewarding for a pirate, can be dangerous.  But here’s a chance for guests to see if they can brave the seas and navigate their away around the dangers of the sea – and then arrive safely home.  Along the way, you’ll battle fierce storms, water spouts, and even hungry beasts!

Shiver Me Bricks

Shiver Me Bricks is a huge pirate ship that is also a play area.  There are places to jump and climb and places to play above and below deck.

Splash Battle

The story behind this attraction is that the do-gooder Blue Coats stole your Pirates’ Treasure.  They’ve locked it away inside their Fortress.  Now it’s up to you to get behind your own water cannon and navigate through the pirate-infested waters.  Use your water cannon to aim and take shots at other riders and spectators.

Jay’s Gravity Force Trainer

Do you have a child who wants to be a true ninja?  Well, they will need to learn how to handle high speeds and G Forces.  After all, this could come up in a variety of ninja activities, like driving a high-tech Ninjago vehicle or whirling inside a Spinjitsu vortex.

Luckily, Jay’s Gravity Force Trainer has a special training machine to help them with just those skills.

Ninja Training Camp

Another great way for your budding Ninjas to hone their skills is with the Ninja Training Camp.  They can do this with a number of free play activities, like the Climbing Wall, Reatrix, and Spinners.

Tower Climb Tournament

A good knight skill to have is climbing towers.  In this attraction, junior knights can see who is the best at climbing the tower.

They can get in the attraction’s chair which is attached to the top of the tower with a rope.  They can use the rope to hoist themselves to the top of the tower.

Build & Test

This is where you can build anything you can think of – and then you can test it to make it even better!

Rebuild the World

Visit PLANET LEGOLAND, a world without rules – just creativity.  It is an immersive build experience that encourages kids, as well as their parents, to unleash their imaginations.  You can build, unbuild, and rebuild the world of your dreams using – what else – LEGOs.

Builder Guild

The King wants Master Builders to fortify the kingdom and furnish his castle.  So young builders can help construct this castle in the Builder’s Guild.

LEGO Creative Workshop

The LEGOLAND Master Builder teaches young LEGO builders LEGO building techniques so that they too can become a LEGO Master Builder.

The Wharf

The Wharf is another play area, this one themed to a Coast Guard boat.

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More About LEGOLAND New York

LEGOLAND New York is located in Goshen, a village in the Hudson Valley area of New York.  It is very convenient for anyone in the New York City area.