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Did you know that you can find a theme park right inside Antwerp Central Station?

Yes, that’s right! Plopsa Station Antwerp is an indoor theme park that is located inside a train station in Antwerp, Belgium.

And this unusual location isn’t the only thing that’s special about Plopsa Station Antwerp.

This fun indoor theme park has over a dozen attractions for families. And many of these attractions include some familiar faces, like Maya the Bee and the Smurfs. There are also appearances from other fan favorites, such as some of the characters from Merho’s comic strip series De Kiekeboes, from Willy Vandersteen’s Belgian comic series Suske en Wiske, and more. (Suske en Wiske is also known as Bob et Bobette, Willy and Wanda, and Spike and Suzy, depending on the country.)

Today, we’re going to go over the fun rides at Plopsa Station Antwerp. And then we’ll let you know how you can save money with a ticket deal!

Attractions at Plopsa Station Antwerpen

There are so many fun things to do at Plopsa Station Antwerp! Just check out the following attractions.

Bob et Bobette: Le Cascadeur Casse-Cou

You’ve been challenged by Lambik to a duel on a real racing circuit! See if you’ll be able to reach the finish line first – and know that Bob and Bobette will be on the sidelines, cheering you on!

Guests under 0.9 m will need supervision.

Wickie’s Falling Tower

Take a ride on a fun and thrilling drop tower! You can see for yourself what it’s like with this 360° video.

There is a minimum height requirement of 1 m. And guests between 1 m and 1.2 m will need to be supervised.

Jommeke Carousel

Whether you’re riding a horse, piglet, or carriage, you’ll have fun on this lovely classic carousel. Guests must be at least 1 m to ride.

Maya’s Playground

Maya the Bee would love for you to join her in her garden – aka a fun playground for younger children! Kids must be at least 0.85 m, and less than 1 m requires supervision.

The Smurfs’ Adventure

This dark ride will take you through the exciting world of the Smurfs! Guests must be at least 0.96 m to ride with supervision and at least 1.2 m to ride without supervision.

Storm at Sea

Fans of the children’s program Piet Piraat – or, really, of pirates in general – will appreciate the theming of this swinging, twisting attraction. Fair warning, though: the ride, and even the video, may make you a little dizzy:

Guests must be at least 1.2 m to ride, and 1.3 m to ride without requiring supervision.

K3 Disco Cars

Are you a fan of bumper cars, roller discos, sparkly cars, and/or the musical group K3? If so, then you won’t want to miss this attraction! (Please note that riders must be between the heights of 1 m and 1.4 m.)

Lucky Luke Express

You’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a real Lucky Luke comic in this Wild West interactive shooting game!

Guests under 1.2 m will need to be supervised.

Super Wings

Take a flight on a bright yellow plane! Guests under 1 m must have supervision.

Bumba’s Merry-Go-Round

On this fun attraction, you’ll ride on the back of a large – and cute! – frog. All guests with heights less than 1 m will need supervision.

The Flying Bikes

As the name suggests, on this attraction you’ll take flight while riding a bicycle. In fact, pedaling harder will send you flying higher!

Riders must be at least 0.85 m tall. And anyone with a height less than 1.2 m will need to be supervised.

Other Attractions

Other attractions include:

  • Willy’s Ball Bath
  • Fanny Kiekeboe Wardrobe
  • Tollembeek Tour

Plopsa Station Antwerpen Ticket Deal

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