Learn about SeaWorld Orlando's new surf themed roller coaster, debuting in 2023

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SeaWorld just made a very exciting announcement yesterday.  A brand new attraction is coming to SeaWorld Orlando!

Right now, SeaWorld is just teasing us with new information.  So we don’t know much yet.

But here’s what we do know.  SeaWorld is telling us this is SeaWorld Orlando’s seventh roller coaster.  So we know it is a roller coaster.  And they are telling us that we will be feeling the power of the Pacific Ocean here in Orlando.  Which of course tells us that it is Pacific themed.  They also tell us that it will be the first of its kind.  This means that it won’t be just like all their other roller coasters, which is really exciting.

Another way they are teasing us is with a special hashtag for the new roller coaster, which is #HighSurfAdvisory.  This leads me to believe that the ride will have a Pacific Coast, surfing theme.

There is speculation I have read that it could be a ride where you’re standing up.  Perhaps like you are standing on a surfboard?  But this of course just speculation at this point.  SeaWorld is only in the teasing stage to build anticipation.  Once we know more, we will tell you!

In the meantime, you can enjoy our hype video for the roller coaster.

And enjoy this exciting news.

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