SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida is reopening. Find out what our tips are for visiting!

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SeaWorld Orlando Reopening

The wait is finally over!  SeaWorld Orlando theme park has reopened today!  Now we can head back to the popular Orlando, Florida theme park and enjoy our favorite rides and animal experiences!

But there are some things you should know before you go.  Because some things have changed in light of COVID-19.  But follow our tips, and you and your family should have a fun – and safe – visit!

1. Get Your Tickets Ahead of Time

You will need to buy your tickets ahead of time.  For starters, that helps you make a contactless purchase.  But additionally, reservations to the park are required.  What I mean by that is that, unlike in the past, you will need to reserve a specific date you are visiting the park.  This is true even if you have an annual pass or fun card.  This is because SeaWorld is limiting how many people can attend the park each day.  And in order to get a reservation, you will first need to purchase a ticket.

But luckily, buying tickets ahead of time will save you a lot of money.  Because SeaWorld has a current flash sale where tickets are up to half off!

2. Buy Parking Ahead of Time

Another way to make sure your purchases are contactless is to buy your tickets ahead of time.  So if you buy a ticket that doesn’t include free parking, make sure you add on parking when you buy your ticket here.

3. Buy a Face Mask

You will be required to wear a face mask when you visit SeaWorld if you are ages 2 years old or older.  There will be designated relax areas that you can take it off in.  And of course when you eat and drink you will not have to wear facemasks.  But otherwise, you will need to wear a facemask.  I recommend finding one on Etsy or Amazon.  And if you are also visiting Disney World on your Orlando trip, you could consider getting one of these Disney themed face masks.

4. Buy Hand Sanitizer

You are going to want to keep your hands clean while you’re visiting SeaWorld.  And they will have hand sanitizer stations set up and of course, the park has a lot of restrooms.  But if you want to be able to keep cleaning your hands all day without having to look for one, consider buying hand sanitizer.  Travel size hand sanitizer like this would be a great purchase.

5. Buy a Contactless Thermometer

Another change you will notice when you get to SeaWorld is that you will have to get your temperature checked before you enter the park.  So you might want to take your temperature before you get to the park so you’ll know what to expect.  And if you want to take the temperature of your whole family, consider getting a contactless thermometer like this.  This isn’t a requirement for getting in the park but would be a good purchase nonetheless.

6. Download a Contactless Payment App

Do you have a contactless payment app on your phone such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Android Pay?  If not, you should download it!  Because they are going to require it at the park if you make a purchase (such as food, drink, or a souvenir).