SeaWorld San Diego Howl-O-Scream 2022 Guide

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Here’s some good news.  Howl-O-Scream is back at SeaWorld San Diego.  It will be running from September 16, 2022, through October 31, 2022, on select nights.

Now here’s some even better news.  This year, it is bigger and better than ever!

There are even more haunted houses, where you try to work your way out of mazes while avoiding scary creatures.  You also have to fend off scary creatures at certain parts of the parks, otherwise known as scare zones and scAREAs.  Then there is also dance parties, performers, pop-up bars, and rides that are even more thrilling at night.

We’re going to tell you about all the attractions.  We’ll tell you how to make your experience better with some upgrades.  And we’ll tell you about how to save money on tickets.

Haunted Houses

Area 64: Alien Outbreak

Area 64: Alien Outbreak is an all-new haunted house, and the haunted house I am most excited for.  The premise of this haunted house is that you have snuck into Area 64.  And now you have to avoid lethal security, mad scientists, and (what else?) aliens!  If you want to believe, this is the haunted house for you!

Circus of the Damned

Circus of the Damned is another one of the new scary attractions for 2022.  The premise of this haunted house is that an evil ringmaster wants to restore his cursed Circus of the Damned to its former glory.  So now he is looking for new performers – and you don’t want one of those new performers to be you!

Death Water Bayou

Your mission in this haunted house is to get out of the black, murky waters of Death Water Bayou.  Because if you don’t, you could fall under the curse of the evil Swamp Witch!

Nightmare Experiment

Bad news: a crazed doctor is doing a secret, experimental project on a human.  Worse news: you are that human!  So your goal is to find a way out!

Simon’s Slaughterhouse

The premise of this haunted house is that you find yourself in a meat-packing plant with a sinister history.


Carnival of Chaos

Think you’ve survived Circus of the Damned?  Well, it turns out, that was only the beginning!  Because in this brand-new scAREA, you’ll have to figure out how to avoid disgruntled carnies, sideshow clowns, and crazed specialty performers.

Vampire Underground

There’s no reason vampires and humans can’t get along.  Right?  Well, this theory will be put to the test at the Blood Moon Bar.  See if you can enjoy a drink with a vampire in a fun, friendly way…or see if this is the beginning of your worst nightmare!  This scAREA is also all-new for 2022.

Scare Zones

Clown Gauntlet

So remember that evil ringmaster from before?  Well, he banished some merciless clowns.  Now they want their own victims so that they can start their own crazed circus.  So make sure you avoid these clowns with chainsaws in this all-new scare zone!

Sea of Souls

You’ll want to avoid the creatures you find here, too, in another brand-new scare zone.

Deadly Toys

Not all toys are fun and playful like Woody and Buzz Lightyear.  Some toys are downright frightening.  And that is exactly what you’ll find at this scare zone.


Don’t you just hate it when someone who is evil refuses to stay buried?  Well, if you do, you might want to stay away from some evil beings who are no longer buried – and would love to meet you!

La Llorona

Have you heard the legend of the deadly beauty who wanders around and drags victims to a watery grave?  Don’t take my word for it that it is true.  You’ll see for yourself if you find yourself at this scare zone.

The Hauntings

Sometimes a forest is not what it seems.  This is one of those times.  See if you can get out of this forest without being taken.


Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls is a brand show at Howl-O-Scream San Diego.  It is a chilling and suspenseful theatrical show with performers, percussionists, and even battles between good and evil.

Other Entertainment

There are party zones and zombie DJs for guests who like a dance break between haunted houses.

Rides in the Dark

You love the SeaWorld thrill rides during the day.  But how about trying them at night?  Trying them at night gives the rides a whole new feel.  And at Howl-O-Scream, you can ride Electric Eel, Emperor, and Journey to Atlantis in the dark!

Cocktail Bars

Avoiding all those evil clowns, aliens, vampires, toys, and other evil creatures can make you quite thirsty.  And unless you’ve been turned into a vampire and are thirsty for blood, I’m sure you’ll be thirsty for a good cocktail.  Luckily, there are pop-up cocktail bars throughout the park during the event:

  • Blood Moon Bar
  • Big Top Drinks
  • Toys ‘N’ Tonic
  • Simon’s Screamatorium
  • AmBARlance


There are a lot of upgrades you can get at Howl-O-Scream that can make your experience even better.

You can purchase these upgrades here.

Front Line Fear

This gets you one-time front-of-the-line access to 5 haunted houses

Front Line Extreme

This gets you one-time front-of-the-line access at 5 haunted houses plus one-time front-of-the-line access to three thrill rides

Front Line Fear Unlimited

This gets you unlimited front-of-the-line access to five haunted houses and three thrill rides

No Boo Necklace

Don’t want actors scaring you when you happen to watch through the scare zones?  Get a No Boo Necklace and the actors should avoid you.

Howl-O-Scream Tickets: How to Save Money

Now other festivals at SeaWorld San Diego (like their Halloween Spooktacular) take place during the day.  When that happens, admission to the event is included in the price of admission.

But this festival takes place after the park closes for the day.  So it requires a separate ticket.  So even if you have an annual pass, you need to purchase a ticket for Howl-O-Scream.

But here is some more good news.  You can save a lot of money on your ticket to Howl-O-Scream by buying your ticket online here.  In fact, you can save up to $74.99.  There are multiple ticket options available, including single-day tickets, combo tickets with a day at SeaWorld, and even unlimited admission for the entire event so you can visit multiple days.  Just in each case, buy your ticket here to save money!

The other way you can save money, too, is by the day you visit.  Certain dates are more expensive than others (like the Saturday before Halloween) and certain dates are cheaper (like Fridays and Sundays in September).  So if you have a flexible schedule, consider visiting on a day when the tickets are cheaper.