Tips for keeping your family safe when visiting Six Flags in Atlanta, GA

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Six Flags Over Georgia Re-Opening: 7 Tips

After what felt like forever, Six Flags Over Georgia theme park is now open!  So if you are in the Atlanta, Georgia area this summer, you are going to want to visit this class amusement park.

But in a pandemic world, there will be a few things different at the park.  So check out our tips and you’ll be able to have a great time.

Tip #1: Bring a Face Mask

Face masks are required for all guests ages 2 years old and older.  So if you don’t already have a face mask, you will need to get one.  You can get an affordable one at Amazon or Walmart.  You can also get a themed one at Etsy, such as these Disney facemasks.

Tip #2: Buy Your Ticket Ahead of Time

To get the cheapest tickets to Six Flags Over Georgia, we’ve always recommended buying your tickets online.  We talk about how to get a great coupon for Six Flags Over Georgia here.

But there’s another reason to get your ticket ahead of time now.  And that’s because you will need to a ticket ahead of time to make a reservation for the park.  Which brings us to our next tip.

Tip #3: Get a Reservation

Gone are the days where you can just show up to the park without a reservation.  You will have to make a reservation for the day you want to visit, even if you have a season pass.  That is because Six Flags Over Georgia is capping park attendance in order to enforce social distancing measures.  And speaking of season passes…

Tip #4: Get a Gold Combo Season Pass with Parking

Did you know that for not much more money than a regular ticket, you can buy a Gold Combo Season Pass with Parking?  This is great for a lot of reasons.  First of all, you save money on admission by just visiting twice.  And secondly, it comes with parking.  This is good because you will not want to buy your ticket at the park.  You’ll want a contactless purchase from the safety of your own home.  And the amount of money you’ll save on parking if you visit the park multiple times really adds up!  And the Gold Combo Season Pass with Parking is on being sold at a huge discount if you click here.

Tip #5: Get a Travel Size Hand Sanitizer

Six Flags Over Georgia is taking a lot of great safety precautions.  One of those is supplying hand sanitizing stations around the park.

But if you want to be extra safe, then you might want to consider getting your one travel-size hand sanitizer.  That way, you can pull it out anytime you want to clean your hands.  You can get one here.

Tip #6: Bring Your Own Water Bottle

Let’s face it.  Georgia gets hot in the summer!  If you want to cool down without having to buy drinks, bring your own water bottle.  Not only will that save you money, but it cuts down on things you touch!  And you can get a great deal on good water here.

Tip #7: Get a Contactless Thermometer

Another safety measure that Six Flags Over Georgia is now implementing is a temperature check on guests.  If you want to know what your temperature is ahead of time, consider getting a contactless thermometer like this.  This is great because you can use it on your whole family without spreading germs the way a regular thermometer would.