I loved the Casado Burger with the Costa Rican inspired black angus patty & raptor scored brioche bun at Islands of Adventure's Burger Digs

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Today, I want to tell you about my recent experience at The Burger Digs restaurant at Islands of Adventure.  I love telling you guys about great experiences at restaurants.  But my time here was a bit of a mixed bag.  So I want to go through the whole experience and then tell you whether or not I think you should go here, too.

So for starters, let me tell you what The Burger Digs is.  It’s a quick-service restaurant in the Islands of Adventure theme park in the Universal Orlando Resort.  But it is not just any quick-service restaurant.

The Burger Digs Theming & Atmosphere

What sets it apart from a standard quick-service restaurant is its location and theming.  It is located upstairs from the Jurassic Park Discovery Center.

By the way, if you do decide to eat at the Burger Digs, then I highly recommend also spending some time at the Jurassic Park Discovery Center.  It has great interactive activities the whole family can enjoy, and the employees who work there are great.  I really enjoyed seeing the baby raptor hatch.

I love the interactive activities at the Jurassic Park Discovery Center at Islands of Adventure in the Universal Orlando Resort

But anyway, back to the theming.  And its Jurassic Park theming is amazing.  As someone who has been obsessed with the movie since, well, the movie came out, I found the theming perfect.  The way the fossils are coming down from the ceiling in the building completely reminds me of Jurassic Park.

Burger Digs at Islands of Adventure is on the second floor of the Jurassic Park Discovery Center

Look out at the dinosaur fossils & Jurassic Park Discovery Center while you at Burger Digs at Universal Orlando Resort

The Burger Digs is a must dining experience at Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando for anyone who loves the Jurassic Park movie

I love the fossils hanging from the ceiling at the Jurassic Park Discovery Center in Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, FL

The Jurassic Park Discovery Center is a great interactive complex at Islands of Adventure, and you can eat upstairs at the Burger Digs

I really felt like I had stepped into one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies.  And that is one of the magical things about visiting Universal Studios, right?  The feeling that you’ve stepped inside the movies?  So it was one of the best theming of a restaurant I have ever been to.

The way the restaurant is set up is that you can get a seat where you can see the fossils and look down at the Jurassic Park Discovery Center.  I really liked having a seat there.

But there are other great seats throughout the restaurant.  There are great dinosaur decorations throughout the restaurant.

The decor and atmosphere of The Burger Digs is better than the food - a review of the Universal Island of Adventures restaurant

The Burger Digs at Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL has great dinosaur wall art

I also like the attention to detail to the decor, like the fossils in the columns.

Burger Digs at Universal Orlando Resort has great fossil decorations

And you can even outside.  You get a great view of the water and the rest of the park there.  And you can watch the new Velocicoaster go by while you eat, which is really cool.

Watch the Velocicoaster as you eat your lunch or dinner at The Burger Digs restaurant at Islands of Adventure at the Universal Orlando Resort

The Burger Digs Negative Experience

But here’s where we ran into trouble.

So the day we visited was a very busy day at Universal.  It was the first day of the holiday celebration at Universal Studios.  So I wasn’t surprised there was a long line.

So we thought, let’s try mobile order.  Then, at least we won’t have to stand in a long line, right?  We can sit down and just wait for our order to be ready.

So we sat.  And we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Eventually, we went to the mobile order pickup to ask why our order hadn’t been finished.  And they said it was coming.  But we had to wait longer.  And longer.

All in all, it was about forty-five minutes before I got my order.  So much for quick service, huh?

And when I did, it wasn’t the order I had made.  I had specifically asked to hold certain items on my burger, like the garlic mayonnaise, and then it was on the order.  But since I had waited so long for my burger, I really didn’t feel like waiting for another burger.  So I just had to scrape it off, which I really didn’t like doing.

So, yeah.  This was really not the best experience.  But despite all of this, how was the food?

The Burger Digs Food Review

Well, the one saving grace is that at least my burger was good.  Once I got rid of the mayonnaise and took out the plantains (which I personally felt overtook the burger taste-wise), I actually really liked the burger and ate every bite.  I had ordered the Casado Burger, and the Costa Rican-inspired black Angus patty was the best part.  I also liked the avocado, too.  It was really delicious.  It also comes on a raptor-scored brioche bun, which is neat.

I loved the Casado Burger with the Costa Rican inspired black angus patty & raptor scored brioche bun at Islands of Adventure's Burger Digs

Everyone in my family got burgers, whether it was a Bacon Cheeseburger or the Casado Burger.  Pretty much everyone liked their burger, though my sister did not like her burger.  She, too, had extra things added to her burger that she had specifically asked to have held when ordering on the app.  So that really hurt the burger for her.


So having to wait about forty-five minutes for my order was definitely not the best experience.  And I was not happy that when I ordered through the app and specifically asked to have certain toppings held on my burger, they didn’t listen.  So those are obviously huge negatives for the restaurant.  And it would make sense not to ever go back based on this.

But having said this, this is still a cool experience.  The theming is so great.  And for the most part, everyone in my family loved their burgers.

My advice to you, though, would be to not do the mobile order.  Even if there is a long line, I still think it’s better than doing the mobile order.

At any rate, even if you decide to pass on the food, at least go to the Jurassic Park Discovery Center.

Islands of Adventure Tickets

In order to go to The Burger Digs, you’ll need tickets to Islands of Adventure.  You can get discounted tickets to Islands of Adventures and the other Universal Orlando theme parks (Universal Studios and Volcano Bay) by clicking here.