Discounted admission to Wild Water & Wheels waterpark in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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It looks like we are in for a hot summer, so make sure you stay cool by heading to Wild Water and Wheels!  Wild Water and Wheels is a great water park in Surfside Beach, South Carolina.  This is part of the Myrtle Beach/Grand Strand area.  Going to Wild Water and Wheels is a great addition to any Myrtle Beach vacation.  They have activities the entire family can enjoy, from young, energetic kids to tired adults!

So today I am going to tell you about some of the top attractions of the water park.  And then I am going to tell you about some coupons you can use to save money on your admission!

Speed Slides

I love a good slide at a water park!  And Wild Water and Wheels has great speed slides.

Triple Dip

A body slide with three dips that make the slide even better!

Side Winder

A body slide where you get thrust from side to side as you go down the slide.

Free Fall Cliff Dive

A body slide where you reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour and you go through a tunnel that opens to a near-vertical drop.


A body slide that that has snake-like curves.  These curves take you around and then down!

Monster Drop

So the name kind of tells you this is going to be a crazy good slide!  And it is true!  You get to ride down an enclosed or open tube.  You take a vertical drop into a deep body of water.

Tube Slides

So before I told you about body slides.  But there are also slides you can go down on a tube with a friend!

The Dark Hole

This enclosed ride has quite a reputation.  In fact, Southern Living called it the “best scary ride” in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!  So you are definitely going to want to check this ride out for yourself!

White Water Express

This attraction features two slides that toss and turn you into rushing waters below.  You can do it on a double tube with a friend or by yourself on a single tube!

Mat Slides

Another fun way to slide down a slide is with a mat.  I have been a fan of mat slides since I was a kid.  They’ve got a couple of great ones here!

Head Rush

On this mat slide, you’ll dive headfirst towards the pool below.

Wild H2O Racer

This is the perfect attraction for those guests with a competitive spirit!  You can race your friends on the mat slide and see who goes down the fastest!  The attraction is set up with side-by-side slides, so it really is perfect for racing!


I love all parts of a waterpark, but these are my favorite parts of a waterpark!

Wipe Out Wavepool

This is a wave pool generating eight different types of waves.  Some of these waves even reach four feet high!  So grab an inner tube and be prepared to be literally moved by these waves.  The music projected from the high-powered speakers also enhances this experience.

Lazy River

So you know how I mentioned even the tired adult could enjoy this water park?  Well, here is why!  The Lazy River is the ultimate relaxation attraction!  You’ll get in an inner tube and let the water carry you as you relax.  During your trip around this 950-foot river, you’ll go through a rainforest, Frog Island, waterfalls, and two raindrop fountains.  All ages can enjoy this attraction!

Adult Lounge Pool

You can also relax at the lounge pool, where there are also a lot of lounge chairs you can sunbathe on.

Kiddie Attractions

So you know I mentioned even young kids could enjoy this water park?  Well, that is because there are kiddie attractions available for the youngest guests!

Kiddie Pool

Right next to adult pool is a children’s pool!  It is an open area pool that is easily viewable from the lounge pool or pool deck.

Wally’s Lagoon

Wally’s Lagoon is a really large pool centering around a tree stump.  It has two slides and smaller slides around the corners of the pool.  There is also a waterfall entrance to a vast cave where kids can explore.

Wee Kids Water World

Behind Wally’s Lagoon is a pool with a raindrop fountain, a long mountain slide, a large plank slide, and floatable characters you can hop on.

Bumper Boats

Have you ever done bumper cars?  Well, bumper boats is just like bumper cars, but instead of cars, you’re on inner tubes!

The Race Zone

So did you ever wonder why this park has wheels in its name?  Well, the answer is, there are go-karts here!

There are multiple options here:

  • Speed Racers
  • Family Racer
  • Slick Track

Mini Golf

Go-karting isn’t the only thing you can do on land here.  They have an 18-hole mini-golf course here, too!


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