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Attention all art lovers and enthusiasts!  Art Canada is returning this year from
May 4th, 2023, through May 7th, 2023.  Art Canada is the largest international contemporary art fair in Western Canada.  But it’s not just Western Canada that’s involved.  You’ll see artwork from galleries and artists from all over the world.  This artwork consists of a large variety of art forms like paintings, sculptures, photography, drawings, and digital art.


There are so many art exhibitors participating in this year’s Art Vancouver:

  • M.R. Atashzad (Canada)
  • Roger Brenninkmeyer (Canada)
  • Maria Chalet (Canada)
  • Tracey-Mae Chambers (Canada)
  • Mila Chanel (Canada)
  • Kelsey Chatburn (Canada)
  • Daisy Code (Canada)
  • Sheri Lerat (Canada)
  • Feng Gao (Canada)
  • Bita Motamedi (Canada)
  • Padmashree Nuggehalli (Canada)
  • Iva Staykova (Canada)
  • Elizabeth Cross (Canada)
  • Audra Townsend (Canada)
  • Luke Edward Stripp (Canada)
  • Martin Pryce (Canada)
  • Susan McLennan (Canada)
  • Sascha Westendorp (Canada)
  • Maria Doering (Canada)
  • Joel Roznicki (Canada)
  • Jacqueline Stuerzl (Canada)
  • Joseph Boutros Ghabi (Canada)
  • Jaleh Farshi (Canada)
  • Dionne Simpson (Canada)
  • Eunice Wu (Canada)
  • Lucas Seaward (Canada)
  • The Fẹ́ Gallery (Canada)
  • Simon Fleming (Canada)
  • Paul Ygartua (Canada)
  • Isabelle Frot (Canada)
  • Marion Llewellyn (Canada)
  • Vladimir Kolosov (Canada)
  • Scarlett Grae (Canada)
  • Caitlyn Sponheimer (Canada)
  • Josephine Tambwe (Canada)
  • Kire Studios (Canada)
  • EA Studios Calgary (Canada)
  • Plumpy Rabbit Collective (Canada)
  • Art Legacy (USA)
  • Rae Vena (USA)
  • Maya Leites (USA)
  • Teresa Smith (USA)
  • Jamie Lightfoot (USA)
  • Taylor Trbo Donahue (USA)
  • Sharon Green (USA)
  • Shima Shanti (USA)
  • Gallery UG (Japan)
  • Miki Saika (Japan)
  • Bank Art Fair (Korea)
  • Kyo Dong Lee (Korea)
  • Phương Huỳnh (Vietnam)
  • GOFO Art (Hong Kong)
  • Howe Street Art Gallery (China)
  • Panyu Xiao (China)
  • Samantha Redfern (Singapore)
  • Joseph Mwangi (Kenya)

Art Classes

You can also learn from talented artists in their art classes and workshops.  Class registration is included in a one-day entry pass to the show.

Classes include:

  • Pretty in Pink Art Class
  • Geometric Galore!
  • Poured Paint Portrait
  • Painting Springtime in Bloom
  • Alcohol Ink Art Class
  • Lino Cut Print Making (printmaking without a press)
  • Still life Florals in Acrylic
  • Intuitive Drawing Art Class
  • WILD Mixed Media

Additional Art Vancouver Information

In addition to looking at art and taking classes, there are panel talks, speakers, an OPUS ART MASTERS painting competition, and more.  This really is a great event if you love all things about art.

This event takes place at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  It is located on the harbour in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.

A neat thing about this event is that children ages 12 years old and younger can get in for free!  As for how to save money on tickets for anyone ages 13 years old and older, keep reading!

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