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Zombie Apocalypse

Pharma giant Biolux has introduced a new wonder drug – Biolux Serum.  It is said to be an all in one solution to aging and disease.  

This sounds too good to be true, but is it?  Yes and no.  After you ingest the serum, you don’t have to be worried about being ill or dying.  That is because your brain has rotted away.  You’ll become a cannibalizing zombie, wanting to infect everyone around you.

Zombie Apocalypse is Toronto’s newest and biggest zombie themed haunted house.

Your trek into terror will begin in the Biolux showrooms and labs.  The labs are full of maniacal scientists and gruesome experiments.

You’ll step into a 2 story building with zombies lurking around every corner.  You’ll be immersed in walk through rooms, each scarier than the last.  See haunted displays with live actors playing the zombies and eerie sets.

This is a 30 minute walk through event.  You can expect to experience intense lighting and audio.  There will be extremely low visibility, fog and strobe lights.  You’ll go across uneven terrain, special effects, sudden actions, stairs and an overall physically demanding area.


Book your ticket here from Friday to Sunday until October  20 for $40.

From October 21 to 31, book your Zombie Apocalypse ticket here for $50.

Legends of Horror

Every October, the grounds at Casa Loma are transformed into an immersive theater experience, Legends of Terror.  The guests will walk at their own pace through a 2 km trail.  The trail will connect the gardens of Casa Loma with the castle tunnels and the darkest spaces never before opened to the public.

You’ll go to the depths of the castle’s 90,000 sq. ft. structure.  There will be more than 70 actors determined to scare you.

A 3D projection on the exterior of the castle will bring the characters of the story and the walls of the castle to life.

Family Hours at Legends of Horror are from 5 pm to 6:30 pm.  These hours are for families with young children.  There will be no actors then so it should be less frightening.


Book your Family Hours tickets here.

Standard Hours are from 7 pm until late.  

From now until October 31, 2023, book your Standard Hours ticket here for $55 and save $5 off the onsite price.

You can save more money by booking a Combo Ticket for Zombies Apocalypse and Legends of Horror.  Book the Combo Ticket here for now until October 20 for $80 with a savings of $15 on each ticket.  Book a Combo Ticket for October 21 to 31 for $90 with a savings of $15 on each ticket.

To get a Combo Ticket, select your Zombie Apocalypse tickets first and then add your Legends of Horror tickets as an optional upgrade at checkout.  Combo tickets are only valid for the date of the Zombie Apocalypse booking.  You’ll do Zombie Apocalypse first and then get admission to Legends of Horror.