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If you want to learn a lot about Swedish, culture, then you really should visit Skansen in Stockholm, Sweden.

Skansen is basically a time capsule of pre-industrial Sweden.  You get to walk around an authentic farmyard and folk village.  You’ll see villagers dressed in traditional clothing.  And you’ll hear stories about the simpler times.

Skansen is also a place you can learn traditional Swedish folk crafts.  This includes butter-churning, shoe-making, weaving, and glassblowing.

This is a great place to go throughout the year because of the festivities celebrated here.  Like in the summer, there is lots of singing and dancing.  You can also enjoy concerts then, too.  In the winter, you can stop by the seasonal Christmas markets.  The Christmas season also means dancing around the Christmas tree and attending concerts at Seglora Church.

Skansen also holds the distinction of being the world’s oldest open-air museum.  It really is a wonderful, unique travel experience.  Oh, and did I mention it is also the only open-air museum with wild animals?

Skansen Zoo

Yes, you heard me right.  Wild animals are at Skansen at the Skansen Zoo.  The Skansen Zoo has, as you would expect, Nordic wildlife.  You can see bison, reindeer, brown bears, moose, wolverines, etc.

There is also a children’s zoo.  You can find domestic animals like rabbits, cats, and guinea pigs here.

Sweden Aquarium

In addition to a zoo, Skansen also has an aquarium!  There are more than 200 species of exotic fish & marine life at Skansen Aquarium.  You could see crocodiles, snakes, turtles, bats, lizards, and cheeky monkeys!

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