A picture of the Brewsky's Burger which you can order at Luther's Rare and Well Done in Beaufort, SC

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If you regularly read this blog, then you know my family loves to travel.  One of these travel destinations we’ve really been enjoying lately is Beaufort, South Carolina.

The lowcountry is such a beautiful part of South Carolina and the city of Beaufort has a lot of beauty, history, and charm.  It’s also more affordable than other nearby travel destinations like Hilton Head Island; you can see these affordable hotel rates here.  We visited Beaufort recently and had so much fun there that we decided to head back there last weekend.

We love the historic downtown Beaufort area.  I love walking along Bay Street and stepping inside all the local stores.

A picture of the shops along Bay Street in Beaufort, South Carolina

It’s not every place that has unique non-chain bookstores and it’s neat to be able to shop there.

And on the other side of a lot of the stores lies the beautiful waterfront area in front of the Beaufort River.

A picture of Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park in Beaufort, South Carolina

I love Henry C. Chambers Park and the whole area.  And because of this unique location, you a number of the restaurants along Bay Street have outside areas to eat with wonderful water views.

Because of this wonderful feature, you’ll find some high prices at some restaurants.  But if you are looking for a great place with great food, reasonable prices, and wonderful views, then I have the place for you.  And that place is Luther’s Rare and Well Done.

Luther’s Rare & Well-Done Atmosphere

Luther’s Rare & Well Done has a very casual atmosphere.  They have indoor seating and a porch in the back.

Luther's Rare and Well Done is a great restaurant in historic downtown Beaufort South Carolina with a great patio area where you can get great water views

If there is a table open, you can just sit down and then you’ll be served.  There was a table on the patio that was great for us.

Since it is very casual, there is no fancy dress policy or anything.  And it is pet-friendly as well.  In fact, there was a cat sleeping on the porch the whole time we were there.

The views from the porch really are great.  When we were there, it was very cloudy and overcast.  But if it weren’t, I would imagine you could get a wonderful sunset view.  And the water views were still great.

Get great water views when you sit on the patio at Luther's Rare & Well Done a great waterfront restaurant in Beaufort, South Carolina

A picture of the views you can get from the patio at Luther's Rare & Well Done a laid-back restaurant on the historic downtown Beaufort waterfront

It can get quite hot in South Carolina (especially in the summer), but luckily a lot of the tables have umbrellas over them.  And where we were seating was under a shaded porch with fans blaring so it was quite comfortable.

But if you want to be really comfortable from the heat, you can opt to eat inside the restaurant.  You do give up the great views of the water.  But you do get the air conditioning.  You also get to enjoy the TVs playing throughout the restaurant, so that is great if there is a game on you want to watch.

A picture of the indoor seating area at Luther's Rare & Well Done in Beaufort, South Carolina

And on busy days, it may be easier to find a table inside than outside.

Luther’s Rare & Well Done Food Review

But all of this wouldn’t be worth it if the food wasn’t good, right?  But it was.  It was actually the best food I’ve had at restaurants in historic downtown Beaufort.

One of the menu items my family really liked was the shrimp basket.

A picture of a basket of fried shrimp you can order at Luther's Rare and Well Done restaurant in Beaufort, South Carolina

The shrimp was really good.  I liked the fries, too, and I liked that you had a choice of fries.  Here, I chose the chive and sour cream fries, but you could also get more traditional steak fries.  I love getting good seafood when I travel to the coast.

But as the name implies, they have great meat, too.  We in particular recommend the Brewsky’s Burger.

A picture of the Brewsky's Burger which you can order at Luther's Rare and Well Done in Beaufort, SC

It includes bacon, sauteed onions, bleu cheese, and garlic peppercorn rub.  The flavors went well together and nothing overpowered it.  One thing to note: the burger was cooked more than what I would expect for medium well.  It was very good, but keep that in mind when you are choosing how well you want your burger cooked.

And as I said before, the food was fairly affordable, too, at least compared to other options.  So this made for a really great dinner.


Between the great views, laid-back atmosphere, delicious food, and affordable prices, Luther’s is definitely a restaurant my family recommends when you visit Beaufort.  It is our favorite restaurant on the waterfront in Historic Downtown Beaufort.


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Beaufort Dining Review of Luther's Rare and Well Done restaurant