Walk through America’s most haunted neighborhood in this St. Louis, Missouri ghost tour

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Are you courageous enough to take a walk through America’s most haunted neighborhood at night?

Join the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society in a 90 minute sidewalk tour through most haunted neighborhood. Your host will be Dr. Mark Farley, a paranormal investigator. Dr. Farley will tell you of the history of the cursed Lemp family.

The Lemp Family

William Lemp, Sr., was a multi-millionaire, his father having made a fortune in his brewery. Underground tunnels were built connecting the basement of the mansion to the basement of the brewery.

The “curse” began with the mysterious death of Frederick, William Sr.’s, favorite child in 1901. Three years later, William, Sr., committed suicide. William, Jr., took over the business. He was a womanizer and had wild parties in the basement and the tunnels. It was said he sired a disabled child by a woman other than his wife. No one saw the child because he was raised in the attic by the servants.

Prohibition ruined the brewery and it had to be sold. William, Jr., committed suicide. His sister, Elsa, and his brother, Charles, also committed suicide. William III died of a heart attack at the age of 42. William, Jr.’s, illegitimate son died in the mansion in his thirties.

Life magazine included the Lemp Mansion in its list of “America’s 9 Most Haunted Houses.”

Lemp Mansion was featured on an episode of “Ghost Hunters.”

Haunted Neighborhood Tour

Dr. Farley will share the lesser known history of the Lemp Mansion and the Lemp Brewery. You will hear the history of Marion Hospital and how it is connected to the Lemp Mansion’s most famous ghost.

You will also visit three of the Lemp Brewery’s most haunted and creepiest basements. Learn about the events that happened within those dark spaces. Wandering around this eerie, dimly lit space should be enough to send chills down your spine.

There is a shadow figure in the basement that has been seen by some of the SLPRS team members. If you are still and quiet enough, you may see him peeking at you from around one of the columns.

The St. Louis Paranormal Research Society was founded 16 years ago. For their investigators, the paranormal is not just a hobby, it’s their passion.

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